principles of vehicle extrication

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Chapter 1: Vehicle Incident Safety
A ____ response has many benefits...,
The primary entities in a standar...,
A hazard and risk assessment surv...
52  cards
Chapter 2: Personal Protective Equipment, Hazards and Hazard Mitigation
Standard operating procedure sop,
Foot protection should provide th...,
Nfpa requires that rescue personn...
91  cards
Chapter 3: Incident Management Responsibilities
Size up,
At vehicle incidents scene assess...,
In order to safely and effectivel...
13  cards
Chapter 4: Tool and Equipment
Light rescue vehicles are designe...,
Light rescue vehicles are built o...,
Medium rescue vehicles are capabl...
131  cards
Chapter 5: Victim Management
What are the two pathways victims...,
When an airbag deploys on an unre...,
In rear impact collisions rescue ...
6  cards
Chapter 6: Passenger Vehicles
Passenger vehicles are classified...,
Gross vehicle weight rating gvwr,
What are the most common types of...
116  cards
Chapter 7: Passenger Vehicle Stabilization Operations
Vehicle stabilization,
Good stabilization ____ to preven...,
The initial phase of stabilization
98  cards
Chapter 8: Victim Disentanglement and Extrication
____ resting vehicles have a grea...
54  cards
Chapter 9: Commercial/ Heavy Vehicles
Medium trucks weigh between ____ ...,
Heavy trucks in the us are defied...,
What is the most common type of t...
89  cards
Chapter 10: Commercial/ Heavy Vehicle Stabilization Operations
Many commercial vehicles equip ea...,
Jacks should be equipped with ___...,
Rescuers must ____ they need to s...
31  cards
Chapter 11: Commercial/ Heavy Vehicle Disentanglement
When accessing and egressing vehi...,
To build a platform for access to...,
If operating the exterior or inte...
22  cards
Chapter 12: Special Extrication Situations
When faced with a vehicle in a st...,
If it is determined that the stru...
122  cards

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principles of vehicle extrication

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