ifsta pumping apparatus driver/operator

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Chapter 1 The Driver/Operator
What is not a responsibility of t...,
All driver operators are required...,
What is not a basis for promotion...
14  cards
Chapter 2 Types of Fire Apparatus Equipped with a Fire Pump
Fire department pumpers are regul...,
What is the main purpose of the f...,
What is the minimum pump capacity...
48  cards
Chapter 3 Introduction to Apparatus Inspection and Maintenance
During the first six months after...,
Dust or grit should never be remo...,
Do not wash the vehicle with
36  cards
Chapter 4 Operating Emergency Vehicles
Which of the following seldom cau...,
Excessive speed by the fire appar...,
Poor apparatus design is most oft...
94  cards
Chapter 5 Positioning Apparatus
If the apparatus arrives at a loc...,
When arriving at a location with ...,
When arriving at a location with ...
81  cards
Chapter 6 What is Water and Where Does It Come From
Water is a compound of hydrogen a...,
Water exists in a liquid state be...,
Water converts to a solid state i...
60  cards
Chapter 7 Fire Hose Nozzles and Flow Rates
Solid stream nozzles are designed...,
What characteristic does a solid ...,
Solid stream nozzles may be used on
58  cards
Chapter 8 Theoretical Pressure Calculations (U.S.)
Why is it necessary to know the a...,
Which of the following is not a c...,
The calculation of friction loss ...
29  cards
Chapter 9 Fireground Hydraulic Calculations
Flowmeters provide,
Flowmeters are particularly advan...,
Flowmeters are allowed to be used...
31  cards
Chapter 10 Fire Pump Theory
Positive displacement pumps have ...,
Positive displacement pumps are u...,
The two basic types of positive d...
84  cards
Chapter 11 Operating Fire Pumps
The process of making the fire pu...,
The process for making the fire p...,
On the majority of apparatus the ...
70  cards
Chapter 12 Static Water Supply Sources
In the customary metric system of...,
For every ___ feet meters of alti...,
In most circumstances the maximum...
20  cards
Chapter 13 Relay Pumping Operations
What is the maximum distance rela...,
All fire department pumpers are r...,
All fire department pumpers are r...
24  cards
Chapter 14 Water Shuttle Operations
Which type of apparatus are posit...,
Pumpers must have a minimum pump ...,
Which of the following are consid...
60  cards
Chapter 15 Foam Equipment and Systems
Which of the following is not nee...,
Which of the following is a class...,
Which of the following is a class...
86  cards
Chapter 16 Apparatus Testing
If the requirements of npfa 1901 ...,
When must road tests be conducted,
When performing road tests the ap...
24  cards
Final Exam
Which nfpa standard gives directi...,
In general to what vehicular stat...,
What is the main purpose of the f...
150  cards

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ifsta pumping apparatus driver/operator

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