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Book 1 Study 1
25  cards
Book 1 Study 2
Mention 4 things an agent or brok...,
What are the three kinds of insur...,
A who would use a cover note b to...
17  cards
Book 1 Study 3
Who investigates losses,
The ______ is responsible for the...,
Authorized _____ brings business ...
25  cards
Book 1 Study 4
Which of the following is not par...,
An endorsement cannot be used to ...,
If a policy is subject to an 80 c...
18  cards
Book 1 Study 5
True or false a driver s abstract...,
True or false age sex and marital...,
True or false who the registered ...
20  cards
Book 1 Study 6
True or false priority of payment...,
True or false an insurer will und...,
True or false the absolute liabil...
25  cards
Book 1 Study 7
When a loss occurs a the agent of...,
In quebec a the exact wording of ...,
The following damage is included ...
20  cards
Book 1 Study 8
Name the provinces that have full...,
Minimum limits of third party lia...,
In saskatchewan what proof has a ...
7  cards
Insurance Definitions
Actual cash value
72  cards
Book 2 Study 1
_____ is expressed will of societ...,
A legal wrong is called a ______,
_____ law is based on precedent
26  cards
GIE - C81 Midterm
Risk is dealt with in a number of...,
In the provinces with compulsory ...,
Notice of loss cannot be given by...
50  cards
Insurance Multiple-Choice Questions
The basis of risk is a liability ...,
A fire destroyed ethan s store in...,
Which of the following is an exam...
44  cards
Book 2 Study 3
True or false federal legislation...,
True or false the insurance compa...,
True or false insurance companies...
24  cards
Book 2 Study 4
Under the terms of a fire policy ...,
A hostile fire is a intentionally...,
Every policy that insures the per...
20  cards
GIE - C82 Midterm
A tort is a a delicious pie b a l...,
Common law is a a body of well de...,
Statute law is a codified law b t...
40  cards

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