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Architecture Form Space & Order ch 1-7
What is a line with the following...,
Describe grid organization,
What does transitional transforma...
123  cards
NCIDQ BuildingCodes
Building Codes
81  cards
Successful Interior Projects thru Effective Contract Docs - Proj Manager Responsibilities
Roll of project management what a...,
Why should the project manager be...,
What is the project managers resp...
11  cards
Successful Interior Projects thru Effective Contract Docs - Contract Negotiation
Contractual agreements have 3 maj...,
What is the scope of a project,
What is the scope of service
29  cards
Successful Int Projects thru Effective Contract Docs - Project Planning
Breaking down a project schedule ...,
What is the most important functi...,
What are 2 benefits of giving the...
23  cards
Successful Int Projects thru Effective Contract Docs - Sustainable Design
What should be included in the co...
25  cards
Successful Int. Projects thru Effective Contract Docs - Directing and Controling the Project
The 2 distictive activities that ...,
Possible ways to further break do...
2  cards
Successful Int. Projects thru Effective Contract Docs - Construction Budgeting & Estimating
What are 2 types of estimates tha...,
What is an order of magnitude est...,
What is a square foot estimate
6  cards
Successful Int. Projects thru Effective Contract Docs - The Construction Contract
The simplest form of contract is,
Describe the simple lump sum cont...,
In the negotiated contract there ...
37  cards
Successful Int. Projects thru Effective Contract Docs - Specifications
What are proprietary specifications,
What are descriptive specifications,
What are performance specifications
17  cards
Successful Int. Projects thru Effective Contract Docs - Contract Administration
What 4 items does the contractor ...,
What must be documented by change...
2  cards
Successful Int. Projects thru Effective Conctract Docs - Furniture
Examples of specification section...,
Specition division 12 what are th...,
What is specification section 12050
29  cards
Handbook of Prof. Practice
What does fider stand for,
What is the emphasis of baauhaus ...
16  cards
Life Safety Code
Accessible means of egress,
Accessible area of refuge,
Common path of travel
135  cards
Successful Int. Projects thru Effective Contract Docs - Specialty Practices
List three types of specialty pra...,
What are 4 prevalent areas of des...,
What is churn work
3  cards
Successful Int. Projects thru Effective Contract Docs - The Legal Environment
What is the highest priorify of b...,
Title iii barrier removal priority 2,
The third highest priority of bar...
5  cards
Successful Int. Project thru Effective Contract Docs - Legistlation
Define practice act,
What is the difference between a ...,
What is the most important reason...
7  cards
Successful Int. Project thru Effective Contract Docs - Positioning: Seeking and Securing Work
Four steps required to do researc...,
Methodology of reseach literature...,
In lieu of doing literature resea...
11  cards
Successful Int. Project rhu Effective Contract Docs - Predesign Services
Project initiation identifying sp...,
1 project team organization struc...,
1 location access and transportat...
5  cards
IDFX Practice Test
Creating an inventory of existing...,
Primary consideration when choosi...,
What is the usage classification ...
189  cards
Ch 1 Information Gathering
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is one ...,
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is based ...,
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ uses the info...
127  cards
Ch 3 Schematic Design
What are the different types of p...,
What component of interior design...,
How should color selection be app...
73  cards
Ch 4 Space Planning
There are six general ways plans ...,
What is a common mistake in space...,
What elements of sustainable desi...
56  cards
CH 26 Sustainability
This law was enacted to give the ...,
A product that can be grown natur...,
The following are ways to reduce ...
284  cards
Ch 27 Building Codes
2 types of fireplaces used in res...,
Accessible mirrors,
Accessible shower of grab bars
172  cards
Ch 8 Elements of Design
Formis the,
What element of design gives the ...,
Cylindrical flat square or linear...
126  cards
Ch 9 Principles of Design
The arrangement of elements in a ...,
What does balance depend on,
What are some ways objects or ele...
35  cards
Ch 20 Acoustics
Sound has three basic qualities,
This depends on the medium in whi...,
The number of cycles completed pe...
32  cards
CHh 29 Barrier Free Design
Requirements that dictate how man...,
A continuous unobstructed path co...,
36 continuously and and 32 at a p...
87  cards
CHh 10 Interior Construction
What is the difference between in...,
What are the three most frequentl...,
What is the most common type of p...
364  cards
CHh 17 Structural Elements
What are the structural questions...,
When will the interior designer m...,
What are two of the most common s...
117  cards
Ch 18 Elec Mech
Mechanical systems include,
Electrical systems include,
The ncidq exam oftn refers to sta...
243  cards
Ch 19 Lighting
Candlepower cp,
Lumen lm,
59  cards
Ch 2 Information Analysis & Presentation
What are the categories of design...,
What is the wcma,
What is awi
46  cards
Ch 6 Selection of Materials, Finishes & Furnishings
When specifying finish products,
What must be done before specifyi...,
What are the 5 groups of criteria...
155  cards
Ch 16 Furniture & Furnishings Documents and Procurement
Who uses furniture documents to s...,
Why are the furniture and furnish...,
Furniture drawings are required t...
41  cards
Ch 14 Construction Drawings
Construction drawings are also ca...,
One of the most important parts o...,
________ _________ represent the ...
65  cards
Ch 15 Construction Specifications
The technical specification describe,
When can specs be put on the draw...,
On most projects the specificatio...
76  cards
Ch 28 Exiting
Continuous and unobstructed path ...,
Street alley or land essentially ...,
Leads to entrance of an exit may ...
34  cards
Ch 13 Finalizing Design Development & Presenting to Client
What do the concluding stages of ...,
At what point in the design proce...,
75  cards
IDPX Practice Test (2)
All of the following are true abo...,
The abc design firm has just cont...,
Which of the following presentati...
97  cards
Ch 5 Communication Methods
What is graphic scale,
What is a scale,
What are the 3 types of scales
38  cards
Ch 7 Coordinating Budgeting Scheduling
What phase of design includes coo...,
Who is responsible for coordinati...,
When should the interior designer...
80  cards
Ch 11 Architectural Woodwork
Architectural woodwork,
Cabinetry paneling custom doors a...,
What can the designer incorporate...
128  cards
Ch 12 Finishes
What are the four basic types of ...,
Strip flooring,
Plank flooring
370  cards
ch 21 construction documents
When does the contract administat...,
What does the contract administra...,
What is the first step in the con...
68  cards
ch 22 contract documents
What do contract documents consis...,
The contract documents are comple...
92  cards
Ch 24 Bus Prac
The company is owned by the indiv...,
Two or more people share in the m...,
General partners invest in the co...
53  cards
Ch 25 owner designer agreements
A bargain between two or more par...,
Full legal name of both parties m...,
Fixed set of money for a specific...
42  cards
ch 23
This person coordinates the entir...,
Planning monitoring coordinating ...,
This part of project management s...
65  cards

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