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Introduction/approach to kidney disease (Yr4)
What causes pre renal azotaemia,
How can pre renal and renal azota...,
How much kidney function has been...
4  cards
Thyroid glands
What are the two types of endocri...,
What do follicular cells of the t...,
What do parafollicular medullary ...
66  cards
Endocrine pancreas (Yr 4)
What is the aetiology of diabetes...,
What are some predisposing factor...,
What diabetes mellitus is more co...
32  cards
Adrenal disease (Yr 4)
What is hyperadrenocorticism know...,
What does the medulla of the adre...,
What is produced in the cortex of...
51  cards
Glomerulopathy (Yr4)
What is the hallmark of glomerulo...,
How can proteinuria be quantified,
Do cases of glomerulpathy of tubu...
34  cards
Toxicology (3)
How do cats usually become poison...,
What action can owners take befor...,
What should you ask thew owners o...
40  cards
Approach to anaemia (Yr3)
What is anaemia,
What are the three causes of anaemia,
What type of anaemia is seen with...
65  cards
Endocrinology (second year)
What are the two endogenous thyro...,
What regulates the synthesis and ...,
What component in plasma will inf...
77  cards
Haematology (Yr 3)
What is anaemia,
What are the three pathophysiolog...,
What type of anaemia is usually s...
74  cards
Acute GI medicine (Yr 3)
What are the severe potentially l...,
What are some possible surgical g...,
Where is the majority of water ab...
30  cards
Nutrition (Yr 3)
What are the ways enteral feeding...,
What drugs can stimulate appetite...,
What is the best appetite stimula...
6  cards
Approach to chronic diarrhoea (Yr 4)
What defines chronic diarrhoea,
What are some differentials for a...,
What is a linear foreign body
32  cards
Transfusion medicine (Yr 3)
How should you determine if a pat...,
What should you ensure is normal ...,
What blood product should be used...
36  cards
Approach to bleeding patient (Yr 3)
How much blood loss can most heal...,
What are the possible life threat...,
What should be done to stabilise ...
43  cards
Polycytaemia (Yr 3)
What is erythrocytosis also known as,
What is erythrocytosis,
What is a relative erythrocytosis
12  cards
Leucocytes responses (Yr 3)
What are the five main leucocyte ...,
What leucocytes are granulocytes ...,
What is the main function of neut...
39  cards
Electrolytes and minerals (Yr 4)
What are the main electrolytes mi...,
What electrolytes minerals are ma...,
What electrolytes are mainly foun...
47  cards
Renal function/integrity (Yr 4)
What are the functions of the kidney,
What is calcitriol,
What is excreted by the nephron
51  cards
Haematology (12 minute medicine)
What breeds have a naturally high...,
How does red cell mass change wit...,
Once anaemia has been diagnosed w...
13  cards
Cytology of effusions (Yr 3)
What are the features of the sero...,
What are the three things that di...,
What is the usual cause of transu...
27  cards
Acute kidney injury (Yr 4)
What are the general causes of aki,
What are some toxins that can cau...,
Why are the kidneys so predispose...
48  cards
CKD (Yr 4)
What is the definition of chronic...,
Is ckd reversible,
What are some congenital causes o...
30  cards
Urolithiasis (Yr 4)
What are the top three uroliths,
What appearance do calcium oxalat...,
What appearance do struvite cryst...
32  cards
Feline coronavirus/FIP (Yr 2)
What does fip stand for,
What causes fip,
What is the route of infection of...
21  cards
Feline viral disease (Yr 2)
What causes feline panleucopenia,
What type of disease does feline,
How is feline panleucopenia contr...
10  cards
Feline retrovirus (Yr 2)
What retroviruses effect cats,
What are the three subtypes of felv,
What is the only subtypes of felv...
25  cards
Bacterial infections (Yr 2)
Is salmonella gram positive or ne...,
How is salmonella spread,
Are antimicrobials indicated when...
18  cards
Canine viral infections (Yr 2)
What type of virus is canine dist...,
What is the infectious route for ...,
What is the pathogenesis of canin...
15  cards
Uro-genital anatomy (Yr1)
What are the functions of the kidney,
What are the two kidney layers,
What supplies blood to the kidneys
15  cards
Vaccination (Yr3)
What are the types of vaccine,
What are the core canine vaccines,
What are the clinical signs of di...
17  cards
Endocrine pharmacology (Yr2)
What drugs can be used to treat h...,
What drugs can be used to treat h...,
How does radioiodine work in the ...
19  cards
Endocrine diagnosis (Yr2)
Why does insufficient iodine caus...,
What is euthyroid sick syndrome,
How can euthyroid sick syndrome b...
13  cards
Endocrine revision (Yr2)
What are the endogenous thyroid h...,
What two hormones regulate thyroi...,
What is the metabolically active ...
32  cards

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