international business & the global economy

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Globalisation - Overview & Readings
What does atkearney define the fo...,
Gray john the world is roundwhat ...,
Gray john the world is round in t...
7  cards
Globalisation - Enablers
How many countries are in wto,
What is the most favoured nation ...,
Examples of exceptions to most fa...
25  cards
Globalisation - Flows (Goods)
Factor of flow of goods increased...,
What was a key change in trade of...,
What is interoperability
13  cards
Globalisation - Critiques (Inequality)
How did covid change wealth inequ...,
Explain how an elephant curve can...,
How was wealth distributed in the...
6  cards
Globalisation - Flows (Services)
As economies grow they shift away...,
What two continents have a signif...,
Examples of countries in which se...
5  cards
Globalisation - Flows (Finance)
Why has us investment into financ...,
How have the composition of cross...,
What were the two investment boom...
9  cards
Globalisation - Flows (People)
What type of people are included ...,
What country in the world has the...,
What of the global population are...
7  cards
Globalisation - Flows (Communications)
Types of data flows,
Why has there been increased data...,
How did internet use between deve...
9  cards
Louis Brennan - Managing Globalisation to National Advantage: The Case of Ireland
In what decade did ireland join t...,
In what decade did ireland become...,
In what decades was the celtic tiger
16  cards
Globalisation - Critiques (Loss of Sovereignty)
Why do mncs have a lot of power o...,
What does supra national mean,
Examples of independent supra nat...
5  cards
Globalisation - DE-Globalisation & Demographic Trends
How has independence of countries...,
How could the number of countries...,
What type of regions usually are ...
14  cards
Globalisation & the Firm
Why does a la rugman 2001 say glo...,
What is a la rugman 2001 mantra f...,
Why does a la rugman 2001 say to ...
27  cards
Global Supply Chains & Manufacturing - Concepts
What is a supply chain,
What are some of the processes in...,
Example of a supply chain where n...
42  cards
Global Supply Chains & Manufacturing - Shareholder Value and Trade
Example of weather impacting glob...,
Iphone high value elements of sup...,
What countries are included in th...
9  cards
Global Supply Chains & Manufacturing - Manufacturing and the Economy
What were the x3 big manufacturin...,
What industries were gaining valu...,
What is an example of an anglo sa...
20  cards
Global Supply Chains & Manufacturing - Global Supply Chain
What is the slowdown in manufactu...,
Example of typically technology c...,
What are the two core sets of kno...
23  cards
General Study Points
What are the factors driving glob...,
Examples of winners and losers in...,
What are the negative impacts of ...
29  cards
Relevant from LC Geography
Why is dublin attractive to fdi,
What body promotes industrial dev...,
4 key stages of population change...
13  cards
Global Supply Chains & Manufacturing - Readings
What recent developments have cau...,
What does krugman say about hyper...,
What does krugman say the most di...
15  cards
Global Financial Crisis
What is g20,
What is the public s maybe incorr...,
How was financial assets trajecto...
5  cards
The Emerging World and China
What are some characteristics of ...,
What does is mean to be in trade ...,
What does it mean to be in trade ...
45  cards
China and Electric Vehicles
What country sells more electric ...,
How did government support electr...,
How many times over does china me...
11  cards
China 2
How have china been investing in ...,
What are some other measures of e...,
Why is growth in china so excepti...
33  cards
China Essay Questions
What is novel about the chinese c...,
What does the difference between ...,
Why is the rmb seen as manipulative
24  cards
International Strategy Essay Questions
What 5 dimensions might you apply...,
What are the 5 values to managers...,
What are the 6 elements of the va...
33  cards
Foreign Entry Modes Essay Questions
Examples of,
Examples of low control fems
13  cards
Culture Essay Questions
Explain why starbucks struggled i...,
Explain why starbucks struggled i...,
What is cpa
18  cards

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