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What is the location of piemonte p54,
Piemonte is only smaller than whi...,
What was the importance of piemon...
386  cards
Trentino - Alto Adige
What are the two autonomous and h...,
How is alto adige called in germa...,
Who used to rule trentino alto ad...
131  cards
Friuli Venezia Giulia
Why friuli venezia giulia is cons...,
Friuli focus on single varietal w...,
What are the two historically ren...
34  cards
What are the three regions referr...,
What is the capital of veneto p189,
What was the historic importance ...
30  cards
Piemonte Part 1 W
Where is piemonte located,
What is on the north,
What is on the west
112  cards
Piemonte Part 2 W
What langhe means,
Capital of langhe,
Influence of tanaro river
123  cards
Valle d'Aosta W
What is the smallest wine region ...,
Where is valle daosta located,
What are the official languages i...
35  cards
Liguria W
Where is liguria located,
Liguria is a mountain or flat area,
Which mountain ranges are in the ...
40  cards
Emilia-Romagna W
Where is emilia romagna located,
Which regions surrounds emili rom...,
Is emilia romagna more plain or m...
47  cards
Trentino-Alto Adige W
Where is trentino alto adige located,
What are the two autonomous provi...,
What is the capital of trentino
106  cards
Lombardia W
Where is lombardia located,
What are the borders of lombardia,
What are the four sectors in whic...
62  cards
Friuli Venezia Giulia W
Where is friuli venezia giulia lo...,
Which other region form the trive...,
Which regions border fvg
54  cards
Foundation Italy
What was the first civilization t...,
Where did the etruscan developed ...,
What did the etruscan do for the ...
34  cards

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