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Glossary Terms
Menzioni geographiche aggiuntive mga,
73  cards
People - Southern italy
Baron bettino ricasoli,
59  cards
Which grape is montepulciano hist...,
Which is abruzzo s only docg,
The name cerasuolo derives from w...
57  cards
What is basilicata s most planted...,
Almost half of basilicata is take...,
What is the biotype of aglianico ...
14  cards
Name campania s first doc,
What is the minimum aging time re...,
Name the principal and longest ri...
39  cards
Is calabria planted to mostly red...,
What name did the ancient greeks ...,
Name the waters that separate sic...
18  cards
What is lazio s most planted grap...,
What historic doc is lazio s clai...,
Which grape variety is lazio s mo...
27  cards
What is the only auxiliary grape ...,
Trebbiano di soave and turbiana a...,
What is offida rossi s principal ...
55  cards
What is molise s most planted gra...,
Which molise doc produces the lar...,
Which is molise s most widely pla...
11  cards
Name italy s 2nd largest plain,
Salice salentino rosso doc must c...,
Can salice salentino rosso doc ca...
34  cards
Must cannonau di sardegna doc con...,
What is sardinia s signature whit...,
Name sardinia s most planted grap...
26  cards
What is sicily s most planted grape,
The etna doc is included in which...,
Name sicily s first doc
32  cards
Coastal Tuscany
Monte carlo doc describe 1locatio...,
Bolgheri sassicaia doc describe 1...,
Bolgheri doc describe 1location 2...
13  cards
Brunello is related but different...,
Which subzone of chianti docg pro...,
What is toscana most eastern appe...
63  cards
What is umbria s most planted gra...,
Which umbrian red grape was tradi...,
Montefalco rosso doc is predomina...
47  cards
115  cards
Test Questions
Montepulciano is natvie to abruzzo,
What is the most widely planted g...,
Which of the following statements...
265  cards
Italian Grapes
Sangiovese montepulciano in marche,
Lacrima di morro dalba
61  cards
Foundations Vitification
Which is true about mezzadria sys...,
Which of the following statements...,
13  cards
Grapes southern
Malvasia bianca lunga,
Malvasia bianca di candia
57  cards
Maremma toscana doc,
Falaghina del sannio doc,
Sannio doc
30  cards
Montecarlo doc,
Montecarlo bianco doc,
Bolgheri sassicaia doc
33  cards
Vermentino di gallura docg,
Cerasuolo di vittoria docg 73 2013,
Cerasuolo di vittoria classico do...
47  cards
IGT wines
Terre siciliane igt,
Terre di chient igt,
Abruzzos igt
21  cards
Indigenous tribes of italy,
Contribution of the etruscans,
What did the romans name the sout...
105  cards
Abruzzo 2
Where does abruzzo rank in wine p...,
Who are abruzzos most historic pr...,
What are abruzzos most planted bl...
35  cards
Basilicata 2
With what grape is basilicate know,
Who were the first settlers of ba...,
What was the land occupied by luc...
44  cards
Calabria 2
What is the principal white grape...,
What is the most widely planted g...,
Name the dominant vine training m...
23  cards
Campania 2
Who has the highest population de...,
What peoples settled campania,
92  cards
Lazio 2
How large is roma,
What are the two main eras for lazio,
Who were the early inhabitants of...
48  cards
Marche 2
The only italian region reffered ...,
Describe le marche,
108  cards
Molise 2
Where does molise rank in size,
What was molise part of prior to ...,
What is molises flagship grape
19  cards
Puglia 2
What and why was puglia known for...,
What is the name for puglia bulk ...,
Where does puglia rank in production
91  cards
Sardegna 2
Vermentino di gallura docg lies i...,
Name the only sardinian doc permi...,
Cannonau di sardegna classico doc...
56  cards
SIcilia 2
What are the 4 grape varieties us...,
Cerasuolo di vittoria docg produc...,
Which statemnet is falsea marsala...
98  cards
Toscana 2
Where does toscana stand in itali...,
What is the percentage doc g,
When was toscana 1st inhabited
208  cards
Umbria 2
Why is umbria referred to as il c...,
How long has umbria produced wines,
Where did umbria get its name
36  cards
What is the largest part of centr...,
What are the islands called off o...,
What is the topography of toscana
89  cards
What is the most well known docg ...,
What docg was a former sub zone o...,
Name the mgas
55  cards
Bondi santi,
42  cards
Sub Zones
Ravello furore tramonti,
18  cards
Montecarlo doc,
Montecarlo bianco doc,
Bolgheri sassicaia doc
115  cards
Chianti & Chianti Classico
What type of soil is found around...,
What type of soil is found around...,
What are the soils of montalcino
97  cards
Toscana - No Chianti
Where does toscana stand in itali...,
What is the percentage doc g,
When was toscana 1st inhabited
150  cards
Foundations 2
32  cards
DOC/G Quick Review
Montecarlo doc,
Montecarlo bianco doc,
Bolgheri sassicaia doc
120  cards
Grapes southern COPY
Malvasia bianca lunga,
Malvasia bianca di candia
58  cards
Morellino di scansano
34  cards
Chianti and Montalcino subzones
Chianti colli fiorentini,
Chianti colli artini
18  cards

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