kaplan: biochemistry part i

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Chapter I: Nucleic Acid Structure and Organization
Transcription occurs in what part...
37  cards
Chapter 2: DNA Replication and Repair
61  cards
Chapter 3: Transcription and RNA Processing
Which strand of the dna molecule ...,
Rna synthesizes rna in what direc...,
Rna poly
52  cards
Chapter 4: The Genetic Code, Mutations, and Translation
How many codons are there total,
How many codons code for amino acids,
What are the three stop codons
52  cards
Chapter 4: The Genetic Code, Mutations and Translation (continued)
Describe the covalent modificatio...,
How does phosphorylation of prote...,
Decribe the covalent modification...
27  cards
Chapter 5: Regulation of Eukaryotic Gene Expression
Do histone acetylases favor gene ...,
Do histone deacetylases favor act...,
How does histone acetylation caus...
41  cards
Chapter 6: Genetic Strategies in Therapeutics
Where do restriction endonuclease...,
What is the natural source of res...,
What is the purpose of restrictio...
27  cards
Chapter 7: Techniques of Genetic Analysis
In gel electrophoresis describe h...,
What is the material analyzed in ...,
Is electrophoresis required when ...
38  cards
Chapter 8: Amino Acids, Proteins, and Enzymes
Describe and draw out the general...,
How do amino acids differ from on...,
How many amino acids in nature ar...
50  cards
Chapter 9: Hormones
Are prostaglandins paracrine or t...,
Are neurotransmitters paracrine o...,
What is a protein kinase
21  cards
Chapter 10: Vitamins
What type of vitamins lipid or wa...,
What are enzymes that are depende...,
What are some metabolic pathways ...
64  cards
Chapter 10: Vitamins (Continued)
Describe the rhodopsin receptor,
How does light affect cgmp in rod...,
Rhodopsin and transducin are foun...
18  cards
Chapter 11: Energy Metabolism
Energy extraction or catabolism o...,
The action of insulin is opposed ...,
Anabolic and catabolic pathways a...
43  cards
Chapter 12: Glycolysis and Pyruvate Dehydrogenase
Name the complex forms of which m...,
What enzyme in the mouth starts b...,
In the intestines dextrins are hy...
58  cards
Chapter 12: Glycolysis and Pyruvate Dehydrogenase (continued)
What are the 2 places where galac...,
What are the 2 most important enz...,
What are t
35  cards
Chapter 13: Citric Acid Cycle and Oxidative Phosphorylation
What are other names for the citr...,
What is the energy released from ...,
Is there hormonal control of the ...
60  cards
Chapter 14: Glycogen, Gluconeogenesis, and the HMP Shunt
What is glycogen,
What organs does glycogen synthes...,
Compare and contrast how glycogen...
52  cards
Chapter 14: Glycogen, Gluconeogenesis, and the Hexose Monophosphate Shunt (continued)
What is the normal function of ly...,
Why is pompe s disease similar to...,
What is another name for 1 4 gluc...
68  cards
Chapter 15: Lipid Synthesis and Storage
How do you designate which c on t...,
What is c2 of the fa also referre...,
The name palmitic acid can be int...
60  cards
Chapter 15: Lipid Synthesis and Storage
What is the purpose of apoa 1,
What does lcat stand for,
What is another name for lcat
43  cards
Chapter 16: Lipid Mobilization and Catabolism
What hormones neurotransmitters a...,
Moa of niacin for combatting hype...,
Create of diagram for lipolysis o...
61  cards
Chapter 16: Lipid Mobilization and Catabolism (continued)
What is the only x linked recessi...,
What is the pathology of fabry di...,
What product accumulates in the l...
5  cards
Chapter 17: Amino Acid Metabolism
Amino acids released from protein...,
Amino groups released by deaminat...,
How do most tissues add excess am...
58  cards
Chapter 17: Amino Acids (continued)
Draw out a diagram for folate met...,
Vitamin b12 is reduced and activa...,
The full name for d latum
77  cards
Chapter 17: Amino Acids (continued 2)
What are some conditions that inc...,
What are conditions that increase...,
What are histiocytes
9  cards
Chapter 18: Purine and Pyrimidine Metabolism
Ribose 5 phosphate uses what enzy...,
Cells synthesize nucleotides in w...,
Where does de novo synthesis of n...
50  cards
Chapter 18: Purine and Pyrimidine Metabolism (continued)
What is the inheritance pattern o...,
Ada stands for what,
What is a disorder caused by ada ...
21  cards

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