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Statutory Interpretation
Literal rule,
Whitely v chappell,
Lner railway co v berriman 1946
77  cards
Judicial Precedent
What latin saying is this source ...,
Law reports,
Three examples of law reports
68  cards
Criminal Courts And Lay People
Summary offence,
Indictable offence,
Either way offence
77  cards
Criminal Liability
What two elements must be proved ...,
Actus reus,
Mens rea
254  cards
Factual causation,
Legal causation,
Medical negligence
9  cards
S39 criminal justice act 1988,
What category of offence is assau...,
What is the maximum sentence for ...
41  cards
Criminal Law Part 1
What element of a crime is actus ...,
What are the 3 types of actus reus,
What must ds act omission be for ...
109  cards
Involuntary Manslaughter
Definition of offence,
What sentence does involuntary ma...,
What are the 3 ways of committing...
37  cards
Concepts Of Law: Judicial Creativity
Precedent what does precedent req...,
Precedent when may a judge have t...,
Precedent the declaratory theory
49  cards
Where is theft defined,
Definition of theft,
S2 theft act element
54  cards
Fraud By False Representation
Under what section of what act is...,
When is fraud by false representa...,
Actus reus
25  cards
Obtaining Services Dishonestly
What section ofwhat act,
Actus reus,
How is osd different from fraud b...
8  cards
Making Off Without Payment
Under what section of what act is...,
Actus reus
20  cards
Criminal Damage
Name and authorities for 3 types ...,
The three types of damage,
Principle from fiak
24  cards
The only difference between the t...,
Cause confirming the existence of...,
Duress not available for with rel...
11  cards
Law And Morality
1intro what is there no one defin...,
1intro what are there that can be...,
1intro who is law made by and exa...
80  cards
civil courts
Which two civil courts hear trials,
What two factors determine which ...,
What can the county court try
85  cards
4 types of sentences,
Which sentence is the most severe...,
What do custodial sentences involve
57  cards
intro to contract
What are the 4 requirements of a ...,
177  cards
stat interp
Literal rule,
Who summed up the literal rule in...,
What did lord esher state in r v ...
90  cards
intro to criminal liability
Actus reus,
3 types of actus reus,
What must ds act omission be to h...
190  cards
self defence
What type of defence is a common ...,
What is the right of private defence,
What statutory defence is there u...
28  cards
evaluation non fatal offences
Sentencing structure for which tw...,
Sentencing structure why is it su...,
Sentencing structure what does ab...
15  cards
the defence of intoxication
What may happen if a person has d...,
What is possible if one commits t...,
What is the basic legal principle...
52  cards
evalutation intoxication
What is there a conflict in the l...,
What is public policy and what do...,
Why does public policy favour con...
20  cards
intoxication evaluation mind map
Narrow approach to involuntary in...,
Narrow approach to involuntary in...,
Narrow approach to involuntary in...
24  cards
the defence of consent
What can consent be a defence to,
Which case states that it may be ...,
Which case states that consent is...
29  cards
consent evaluation
Euthanasia issues consent to your...,
Euthanasia issues what is it argu...,
Euthanasia issues people cant arr...
15  cards
the defence of insanity
Which case are the rules of insan...,
What have to be proved where d wa...,
What 3 elements have to be proved...
18  cards
the defence of automatism
Two types of automatism,
If successful what does the defen...,
Who is the burden and standard of...
13  cards
Is murder a common statutory law ...,
Definition of murder,
Actus reus
23  cards
evaluation of murder
Mandatory life sentence means jud...,
Mandatory life sentence which two...,
Mandatory life sentence what can ...
24  cards
voluntary manslaughter
What are the 3 special defences t...,
Why are the defences special,
Why are the defences partial
43  cards
eval vol manslaughter
Sexual infidelity what does s55 6...,
Sexual infidelity what was s55 6 ...,
Sexual infidelity why have the co...
18  cards
Where is robbery defined,
Definition of robbery,
What must d have appropriated
27  cards
How many ways are there to commit...,
Can both forms of burglary be com...,
When is a person guilty of burgla...
27  cards
Under what section of what act is...,
When is a person guilty of blackmail,
Actus reus
21  cards
intoxication BRIEF
What are specific intent offences,
What are basic intent offences,
Sheehan and moore principle
9  cards
1 what does it mean to be at faul...,
1 what is fault in contract law,
1 what is fault in tort law
31  cards

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