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Tort Law - Introduction to Negligence
What are the requirements for neg...,
Grant v australian knitting mills...,
Griffiths v arch engineering judg...
206  cards
Tort Law - Psychiatric Injury
White v chief constable of south ...,
How do l o suggest we should expl...,
Name at least two cases showing a...
184  cards
EU Law - FMG Derogations
Protection of working environment mr,
Omega spielhallen judgment,
What is the suitability test of p...
148  cards
Property Law - Charitable Trusts
Why did g enact section 4 and 17 ...,
Catholic care v charity commissio...,
Why do courts and commission look...
121  cards
Tort Law - Pure Economic Loss
What does white v jones do to hedley,
What does pel not extend to in au...,
Welton v north cornwall dc judgment
301  cards
Property Law - Trustee Duties
Vc nicholls in harries v church c...,
When there is a breach of fiducia...,
Schmidt v rosewood general
128  cards
Tort Law - Omissions and Third Parties
How do l o argue we should see th...,
Morrison v lord mayor of sheffiel...,
Vacwell v bdh
198  cards
Property Law - Legally Charitable Purposes
Ca 2011 section 3,
What section of what act covers t...,
How many heads are under ca 2011 ...
92  cards
EU Law - Free Movement of Workers
Name at least two cases on obstac...,
Article 21 1 tfeu,
Give two cases on art3 1 reg 492 11
327  cards
Tort Law - Public Authorities
What case allowed action against ...,
W v home office general,
What sections of hra require just...
215  cards
Property Law - Compensatory Liability of Trustees for Breach of Duty
At what stage in aib did court ca...,
What case shows the disapplicatio...,
Declaration setting out ts duties...
161  cards
Property Law - Knowing Receipt and Dishonest Assistance
What two cases suggest ue can run...,
Why would a ue claim be preferabl...,
What case applied unconscionabili...
208  cards
Tort Law - Breach of Duty
Bolton v stone general,
Mansfield v weetabix ltd general,
How was social responsibility and...
325  cards
EU Law - Citizenship
O s and l judgment,
Who said right to vote is a norma...,
Morgan and bucher judgment
283  cards
EU Law - Intro to EU Integration
What was the eu first called,
What was the primary aim of the epc,
What criteria requires prospectiv...
106  cards
Hispanic Law - Elementos y Forma de un Contrato
Articulo 1263,
Que es la definicion de un contrato,
Que requiere el articulo 1263
39  cards
Hispanic Law - Los Vicios del Consentimiento
Cuando puede un error de la perso...,
Que es un ejemplo de dolo indirecto,
Dolo incidental
31  cards
Tort Law - Causation
Stapleton gives what two strands ...,
What is the usual test for a hist...,
What is the usual test to find da...
299  cards
Property Law - Following and Tracing
Who noted turner v jacob is proba...,
What did conaglen say of tracing,
What case showed court recognisin...
143  cards
Hispanic Law - Formación del Contrato
Que son las dos manera de formar ...,
Que es formacion instantaneo,
Que son tratos preliminares
18  cards
Hispanic Law - Nulidad, Anulabilidad y Rescision de un Contrato
Cuanto tiempo hay para anular un ...,
Que son los objetos de un contrato,
Sts de 20 de junio de 1983
57  cards
EU Law: Non-EU Nationals and the Refugee Crisis
What does afsj stand for,
What other category is included i...,
What does the afsj indicate
48  cards
Tort Law - Remoteness
What new concept has been used to...,
Wagon mound no1 general,
Oil fire wharf
66  cards
Property Law - Claiming
What are the three conditions to ...,
When could a tracing claim still ...,
What type of claim can persist ev...
124  cards
Tort Law - Defences to Negligence
Petrol station wild west,
Evans lj in revill v newberry,
What judge in what case stated th...
261  cards
EU Law: Supremacy and Judicial Dialogue
How do most national courts view ...,
What case used the echr as a floo...
181  cards
EU Law - EU Charter and Accession to the ECHR
What does cjeu preference for cha...,
Bosphorous airways v ireland,
Article 52 5 charter
122  cards
Property Law - Resulting Trusts
What is the overall heading of re...,
What statute was modernised in th...,
Statute of frauds 1677 preceded w...
236  cards
Tort Law - Damages
Grobbelaar v news group newspaper...,
What damages have a punitive aspect,
Coa announced across the board in...
255  cards
EU Law - United Nations Security Council
Chapter 7 un charter,
Un adoption of resolutions makes ...,
Article 103 un charter
35  cards
Property Law - Mutual Wills and Secret Trusts
Ag for hong kong v reid general,
How does re cleaver explain mw,
What does intention as a requirem...
192  cards
Tort Law - Nuisance
Act on statutory nuisance,
What part of the environmental pr...,
Part iii environmental protection...
230  cards
Property Law - Rochefoucauld and Pallant
What might apply in a case like s...,
Two advantages of seeing r v b as...,
What is the disapplication thesis
93  cards
Tort Law - The Rule in Rylands v Fletcher
Cambridge water v eastern countie...,
What was the interpretation of th...,
Perry v kendrick general
42  cards
EU Law - WTO
Articles 2 technical barriers to ...,
71  cards
Tort Law - Product Liability
Leading case on pl at cl,
Leading statute on pl,
What did the cpa1987 implement
118  cards
Property Law - CT Rationales
Who categorises cts through taxon...,
Four types of events which might ...,
Example of ue being considered to...
48  cards
EU Law - Global Reach
Regulation 1236 2009 requirements,
How does wto sometimes facilitate be,
What does the otc derivatives reg...
149  cards
EU Law - Aviation Directive
Of greenhouse gas attributable to...,
Rising rate of greenhouse gas emi...,
What does cbdr stand for
78  cards
Tort Law - Vicarious Liability
What case suggests geographical c...,
What case highlighted deterrence ...,
Hall v lorimer general
167  cards
EU Law - Democratic Deficit
Article 255 tfeu,
How did the lisbon treaty try to ...,
Who argued eu policy is skewed to...
121  cards
Property Law - Fiduciaries
Bristol west v mothew general,
What judge in bristol referred to...,
What several facets of single min...
92  cards
Property Law - Fiduciary Remedies
Canson enterprises v boughton jud...,
Commonwealth bank of australia v ...,
Who said deterrence in ct undesir...
119  cards
Tort Law - Tort Theory
Who gives four possible bases of ...,
Williams four possible bases for ...,
What judgment shows the differenc...
25  cards
EU Law - Economic Crisis
Pringle v ireland,
Fourth stage in european semester,
What is the central body of the esm
152  cards
Hispanic Law - La Historia
Los acuerdos internacionales de l...,
Que era el concilio vaticano,
Grupo en las zonas rurales
99  cards
Tort Acts
Name of act enacting leveson report,
Year of civil evidence act,
Lord cairns act year
133  cards
EU Law - State Liability and National Remedies x2
What case required damages be ava...,
What was the basic principle disa...,
When is it more likely the eu wil...
186  cards
Parte dogmatica
Que es el tesis iusnaturalista,
Que falta articulo 14,
Ejemplos de derechos de libertad
61  cards
Cortes Generales
Porque las leyes organicas son fu...,
Que mayoria requieren leyes organ...,
Como hay mezclando entre los plenos
112  cards
El Gobierno
Ley que desarrolla el gobierno,
Tipo de ley de gobierno,
Composicion del gobierno
89  cards
Monarquia parlamentaria
Espana es el unico pais que ha he...,
El rey es el simbologo de que,
Quien es un simbologo de su unida...
60  cards
Poder Judicial
Quien determina si una competenci...,
Asociacion judicial conservador,
En que depende el recurso de inco...
125  cards
Estado Autonomico
Almeria y segovia,
Que determino el tc de la referen...,
Iniciativa de via rapida necesita...
155  cards
Cuestion Religiosa
Que articulo de la ce reconoce el...,
Quien no apoyo la referencia a la...,
Liberad religiosa garantizada
55  cards
Requisitos por ingratitud por rev...,
Capacidad para donar,
Que confirme la donacion como con...
66  cards
Eviccion total efecto,
Extincion de la obligacion por im...,
Obligaciones de la compraventa me...
54  cards
Tipo de contrato permuta,
Como se distinga un contrato de p...,
Que regula la permuta
15  cards
Contrato de arrendamiento
Que necesita ser pago en especie,
Que sugiere la jurisprudencia sob...,
Capacidad regla general
48  cards
Que recibe el conyuge si hay desc...,
Que afirme que los testamentos ma...,
Ejemplo de parientes colaterales
98  cards
Condiciones Generales y Contratos de Adhesion
Que ofrecen las condiciones gener...,
Dos protecciones del cc sobre las...,
Articulo 1288
19  cards
Interpretacion del contrato
Cuando tiene su mayor campo la re...,
Reglas de cierre si la duda conci...,
Que de los tres principios que ri...
24  cards

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