medical cell biology and genetics

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L1- Protein structure and function
Proteins are macromolecules made of,
Amino acids join to form a,
Monomers join to form
58  cards
L2- Protein summary
How many different levels of prot...,
17  cards
L3- Enzymes
Enzymes are,
Activations tate,
Transition sttae
45  cards
L4- Nutrition
Examples of metabolism,
Catabolic processes
81  cards
L4- Diet and Body weight
30  cards
L6-10- Metabolism overview
How many stages of catabolism of ...,
Stage 1,
Stage 2
61  cards
L6- Carbohydrates 1
Catabolic reaction involve,
H atoms become
50  cards
L7- Glycolysis
Glycolysis simple,
What type of pathway is glycolysis,
Glycolysis is not isolated and ha...
59  cards
L8- Regulation of metabolic pathways
Where does glycolysis occur,
How can glycolysis operate anaero...,
Allosteric means
36  cards
L9- Kreb and ETC
Excess g 6 p can,
Both fructose and galactose can e...,
Which stage does kreb cycle begin
48  cards
L10- Lipid metabolism
Lipids are,
Lipids most commonly contain,
Phospholipids also contain
49  cards
L11- DNA introduction
Dna is found in the nucleus packa...,
69  cards
L12- DNA review
A replicate chromosome is what shape,
Shot arms,
Long arms
28  cards
L13- Mitosis
Interphase is the,
What happens in interphase,
Mitosis simple
25  cards
L13- Meiosis
Meiosis is,
Production of sperm,
Production of eggs
30  cards
L14- Mitosis and meiosis review
Missegregation in meiosis non dis...,
In a metaphase spread,
25  cards
L15- DNA repair
Dna integrity can be looked at in...,
If dna integrity is lost,
Types of dna breaks
65  cards
L15- Cancer
Cancer is described as a,
Cancer occurs due to an,
Replication stress
12  cards
L16- Review of cell cycle
Cell cycle is explored by,
20  cards
L17- genotype, phenotype and inheritance
Central dogma,
53  cards
L20- Collagen formation
Collagen molecules come together ...,
How are collagen molecules joined...,
Where are collagen fibres formed
16  cards
L18- Inheritance review questions
The ability to taste phenylthioca...,
Tay sachs disease shows autosomal...,
What does it mean when two genes ...
3  cards
L19- Gene expression
Transcription occurs in the
50  cards
L20- Post translational modifications
What happens after translation of...,
Some proteins may need,
What sorts of additional processi...
39  cards
L21- DNA/ chromosomal mutations
A mutation is,
Mutations arise
69  cards
L22- Haemoglobin and myoglobin
Both haemoglobin and myoglobin ha...,
Why does oxygen need a transporte...,
Oxygen binds to and is transporte...
57  cards
L22- Types of Hb
How many different types of hb,
Name the types of hb,
29  cards
L23- Regulation of protein function
The regulation of enzyme activity...,
Short term regulation of enzyme a...,
Change in enzyme conformation
29  cards
L23- Blood clotting cascade
Hemostasis includes three steps t...
33  cards
L24- Molecular techniques
Why do we use restriction analysis,
What enzymes are used for restric...,
What produce endonucleases
58  cards
L25- Interactive Sickle Cell diagnosis
Case study story,
Examination report for baby celia,
High reticulocytes due to
23  cards
26- Molecular techniques review lecture
Wild type fragments,
Sicke cell fragments,
Sicke cell traits sct fragments
6  cards
L27- Advanced molecular techniques
Different molecular techniques mu...,
Analysis of dna can occur at,
1analysis of dna at nucleotide level
49  cards

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medical cell biology and genetics

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