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Chapter 1 Voc.
Unrelated individuals who are tre...,
A separate social and psychologic...,
Refer to the definitions and expl...
45  cards
Chapter 2 Questions
What is the difference between a ...,
What is the difference between a ...,
A an _______ is a factor that can...
15  cards
Chapter 1 Notes
Surveys show that those who say t...,
Is a major risk factor in increas...,
Key area happy couples built into...
27  cards
Chapter 2 Notes
Actively seeking to understanding...,
Are patterns of thinking that aff...,
Make sure you comprehend the prob...
48  cards
Chapter 3 Notes
The socially learned attitudes an...,
Biological characteristics determ...,
Is the behavior expected of someo...
56  cards
Chapter 5 Notes
Is intimacy with caring for and c...,
Is a person who is temperamentall...,
An emotionally intense passionate...
22  cards
Chapter 4
Marriages are determined by their...,
The process by which a commitment...,
Neither partner saw the other unt...
42  cards
Chapter 6 quiz
_________ is the ability or poten...,
_______ power is based on your pa...,
_______consists of messages sent ...
10  cards
Chapter 7 quiz
______________ also called recrea...,
Which of the following is an exam...,
_______ involves deriving sexual ...
10  cards
Chapter 6 Notes
What can unequal power do to rela...,
The ability or potential to impos...,
Six types of power in a relations...
72  cards
Chapter 7 Notes
What are the functions of sexual ...,
Deeply held beliefs and attitudes...,
Premarital sex is more acceptable...
41  cards
Chapter 8 notes
I want to fill an emptiness withi...,
A legal union between a man and a...,
The greatest expected benefit of ...
45  cards

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