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Top 10 Workups
Chest pain,
Abdominal pain,
Altered mental status
10  cards
Intern 101
Discharging patients,
Ssi adjustment rule total amount ...,
Fever 1052
40  cards
Anticoagulation Guidelines
Loading dose for initiation of vi...,
Initiation overlap for heparin an...,
Monitoring frequency for vkas pat...
59  cards
Bp goal 60 years,
Bp goal less than 60 years ckd dm,
Initial bp treatment black
90  cards
Bimini twist applications,
No name knot,
Knots to use when securing hook o...
5  cards
Cardiac Catheterization
What are relative contraindicatio...,
What are the main vascular access...,
What should time out include prio...
179  cards
FFR, Sgarbosa, Brugada, Stress testing, Tumors, TAVR, EKG
What is the relationship between ...,
Define coronary flow reserve cfr,
In what situation may cfr be norm...
112  cards
What are the surface tracings in ...,
What is the fourth tracing of the...,
What are the fifth and sixth line...
51  cards
Cardiomyopathy, EKG
What is the standard old classifi...,
What is the newer classification ...,
What are the subcategories of the...
33  cards
Echo, MR, EKG, SVT
What is the brugada criteria used...,
Define the brugada criteria,
Common ekg features of vt
55  cards
What are typical echo findings of...,
Define aliasing,
Define nyquist limit
68  cards
What is the vc severity scale in ...,
Describe the severity scale in di...,
What are the best views and veloc...
47  cards
SIHD, Viability study, Mechanical Complications
What did the courage trial show,
What components do noninvasive vi...,
What is the usual presentation fo...
15  cards
Chamber quantification
Define end diastole in the echo c...,
Define end systole in the echo ca...,
Where should the lv end diastolic...
22  cards
CAD Screening
What are the four uspstf criteria...,
What are the characteristics of a...,
What is an impella
14  cards
Trials, Hemodynamics, CP
Paradigm hf trial clinical questi...,
Paradigm hf trial what is neprilysin,
Paradigm hf trial what was the tr...
40  cards
In-Training - Arrhythmias
What are the indications for icd ...,
What is an abnormal bp response t...,
What is the mechanism of death in...
30  cards
What is diastolic function,
Lv diastolic dysfunction is usual...,
Describe the algorithm differenti...
121  cards
Congenital, EKG
What is a pfo,
What are the notable 22q112 delet...,
Explain the features of digeogre ...
102  cards
Echo - chamber quantification
What is the general rule for cham...,
What echo modes can be utilized i...,
What echo mode can be utilized to...
130  cards
Physics, Artifact, M-mode
What are the types of cavitation,
What is velocity error artifact,
What is specular reflection
155  cards
What did the cure trial demonstrate,
What did the woest trial show,
What did the pioneer af pci trial...
15  cards
Prosthetic Valves
What is one problem with placemen...,
What is the most frequently surgi...
48  cards
Name three nonvalvular types of l...,
What percentage of the population...
197  cards
Describe the key features of rheu...,
Describe the key features of dege...,
What are the methods for determin...
135  cards
Tricuspid Valve
What are the four components of t...,
What is the normal shape of the t...,
What are the 3 leaflets of the tr...
133  cards
Hemodynamics, Formulas, Prosthetics
Mva using pht,
Calculate pht using deceleration ...,
Calculating sv from
149  cards
Tissue Doppler and Strain
Define tissue doppler,
What is the main principal in acq...,
What is one limitation of tdi
52  cards
What will hepatic vein doppler sh...,
What doppler parameters are suppo...,
What findings are supportive of s...
54  cards
ASE Questions
Describe rhumatic mitral valve ch...,
21 year old female underwent sugi...,
Describe teh pathoanatomy of the ...
95  cards
Cardiomyopathies, Tumors/masses/emboli
This is ap redictor of late recov...,
Describe sphericity index,
Explain the effects of dobutamine...
97  cards
Test DAy
What is a normal e,
What are the first two parameters...
15  cards
Core Lecture Series
Describe images,
Describe the image,
Describe the findings
50  cards
Heart Failure, Hemodynamics, Nuclear, Channelopathies
What is the diagnosis heart failu...,
Define stroke work in the pressur...,
Describe the findings a b
84  cards
Nuclear - Diagnostic tests/Procedures/Protocols/Artifacts
What is the most sensitive and sp...,
What are indications for permormi...,
What is the problem with lbbb or ...
144  cards
Nuclear - Physics
Describe how a signogram works,
What are the findings in a sinogr...
106  cards
What is the formula for fick co,
What is the formula for cardiac i...,
When is fick co most accurate
46  cards
Nuclear - Essentials of Cardiac PET, Perfusion, Viability
Define positron range,
How does positron range correlate...,
What are the benefits of cardiac ...
97  cards
Nuclear - Radiation Safety, Radiopharmaceuticals
What is the standard performance ...,
Describe the findings,
Describe the findings
87  cards
ECHO - Pericardial disease
What is the pericardium,
When do pericardial pressures ris...,
What is the pericardial reserve v...
31  cards
Nuclear - Test Review
How often is a dose calibrator ch...,
A bar phantom is used to assess t...,
What is the equivalent dose of 1 ...
185  cards
Nuclear - Image interpretation
Describe the findings and cause o...,
What is the cause of increased lu...,
Based on the stress and rest proj...
39  cards
Vascular - Extracranial
What is the survival rate for ini...,
What is the mortality rate of rec...,
What is the cause of 2 3 of ische...
18  cards
Vascular - Questions
Describe the findings,
Describe the findings,
Describe type i endoleak
13  cards
What laa emptying velocities are ...,
What are low laa emptying velocit...,
What is the sensitivity of tee fo...
15  cards
EKG, Echo, Cath
Describe the findings,
Describe the findings,
Describe the findings
33  cards
EKG Guidelines
Define anterolateral mi age recen...,
What ekg finding can demonstrate ...,
Ekg ddx lead i inverted p wave
51  cards
EKG pics
118  cards
EP Board Review
What is contraindicated in pvc tr...,
What is the treatment of digoxin ...,
Describe the findings
436  cards
What is the goal ldl reduction in...,
What medication can be added in v...,
What trial demonstrated the benef...
262  cards
Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathies
What is the diagnosis heart failu...,
Describe the findings,
What is
193  cards
Valvular Disease
What are the indications for pmbc,
What are the indications for mvr ...,
What are the contraindications to...
156  cards
Pulmonary Circulation Disorders
What is the next step in manageme...,
What are two etiologies that must...,
What are high risk factors in ass...
53  cards
Hypertension / Hypotension
What is the accepted change in cr...,
What is the result of increase in...,
What risk factor is responsible f...
17  cards
Vascular Disease
Describe the findings,
What are other significant findin...,
Describe us findings bakers cyst
80  cards
Cardiac Miscellaneous
What should be done first in the ...,
What is the sensitivity of geneti...,
Describe familial dilated cardiom...
14  cards
What is a pfo,
What are the notable 22q112 delet...,
Explain the features of digeogre ...
122  cards
Systemic, Congenital, Pericardial
What is required for the diagnosi...,
What are the diagnostic criteria ...,
What are high risk features of pe...
36  cards
What is the diagnosis normal s1 a...,
What is the diagnosis systolic mu...
2  cards
CT - Chapter 1
Based on dose minimization which ...,
What patient population is ccta b...,
What does effective radiation dos...
86  cards
CT - Chapter 2
What are advantages of sequential...,
Describe the relationship between...
35  cards
CT - Chapter 3
What are reasonable measures to a...,
What is the current recommendatio...,
What is the benefit of using a ti...
28  cards
CT - Chapter 4
What is the appropriate recommend...,
What is the resultant reduction i...,
Describe cac with use of mdct sys...
44  cards
CT - Chapter 5
What are thin slab mip most usefu...,
How many seconds will be required...,
Describe maximum intensity projec...
18  cards
CT - Chapter 6 Artifacts
What is the arrow pointing at,
What is one method of reducing im...,
What does the gantry rotation tim...
60  cards
CT Chapter 7
How many high grade luminal steno...,
Describe the findings and next step,
What is one ccta predictor of pos...
115  cards
CT - Chapter 8
How can a myocardial perfusion de...,
Which are the best window width a...,
Which coronary artery distributio...
51  cards
CT Chapter 10 - Valves
What is the incidence of aortic v...,
Describe the findings and diagnos...,
What is the principle purpose of ...
19  cards
CT Chapter 11 - Congenital
Describe the findings,
Describe the findings,
What are common associations unro...
24  cards

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