medicine year 1 semester 1

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Coronal frontal
29  cards
What is the function of body cavi...,
What does the abdominopelvic cavi...,
What does the thoracic cavity house
16  cards
Cells And Organelles
What is the average size of a pla...,
Which is bigger plant cell or bac...,
What do eukaryotic cells lack
70  cards
Cell Adhesion and the Extracellular Matrix
What is the extracellular matrix,
What are the 3 major molecules in...,
Adhesive proteins function
32  cards
What are the 5 functions of proteins,
What is the main component of con...,
In proteins what component provid...
91  cards
Nervous System
What are the 2 divisions of the n...,
31  cards
MS System - Bones
Describe the functional anatomy o...,
Name some types of long bone,
What is the structure of cancello...
52  cards
MS System - Joints & Muscles
What is the bone structure in utero,
What are 2 components of the cart...,
57  cards
Introduction To Biological Molecules
What makes up an atom,
How are ionic bonds formed,
What is an ionic bond
33  cards
Introduction To Carbohydrates
How are carbohydrates produced,
What are the different types of c...,
57  cards
Primary Tissues
What are the 4 tissue types,
56  cards
What forms epithelium,
What are the 4 tissue types,
What is an epithelium
78  cards
Structure & Function of Skin
Function of epithelial tissue,
What is the epidermis,
What are the layers of the epidermis
68  cards
Infections of the Skin
Name the 3 routes of infection,
What is the role of commensal mic...,
What skin infection occurs in the...
43  cards
Main causes of inflammation,
What happens in the vascular phas...
49  cards
Responses to Cell & Tissue Injury
Induction of,
Induction of,
Extent of
32  cards
Heart & Circulation
Where is the heart located in the...,
What is the heart surrounded by,
What is the pericardium made up of
56  cards
Blood Vessels & Lymphics
Name the vessels that transport d...,
What are the different types of b...,
Tunica intima
86  cards
White Blood Cells
What are the 5 common types of wh...,
Which white blood cells fall unde...
35  cards
Red Blood Cells
Function of erythrocytes,
Structure of erythrocytes
35  cards
Overarching outcome for graduates 1,
Outcome 1 professional values and...,
What are the 4 domains in the dut...
14  cards
Common law,
European convention on human righ...,
What are cases where you can brea...
7  cards
What are the 4 criteria for valid...,
What are the 4 forms of consent,
When is consent not needed
5  cards
Teamwork in Healthcare
Factors that drive the need for e...,
National uk policy driver,
Shared leadership
3  cards
Introduction To Medical Imaging
44  cards
Genetic & Environmental Causes Of Disease
How can you measure heritability,
Monozygotic twins,
Dizygotic twins
15  cards
Enzymes & Enzyme Kinetics
What are enzymes,
What is the function of enzymes,
Physiological conditions
30  cards
Microbial Structure
Features of eukaryotes,
Features of prokaryotes,
Features of eukaryotes membrane b...
106  cards
Microbial Infection
Micro organism,
Koch s postulates,
What are some limitations of koch...
33  cards
Classification of Disease
What is disease,
Characteristics of disease,
22  cards
Introduction To Immunology
What is meant by innate defence,
What is meant by adaptive defence,
Specificity memory
30  cards
Structure of Airway
What are some functions of the re...,
Name the structures that form the...,
May indicate poor perfusion
58  cards
Structure of Lungs
What are the 2 parts of the respi...,
What structures are found in the ...,
What structures are found in the ...
61  cards
Gastrointestinal System
Key functions of the gi tract,
Describe the layers of the gastro...,
What does the mucosa layer consis...
73  cards
Pancreas and Liver
What is the pancreas,
Parts of the pancreas,
What does the pancreatic duct com...
58  cards
Urinary System
Function of the urinary system,
Where are sites in which kidney s...,
Structure of urinary system
43  cards
Reproductive System
Name the structures in the male r...,
Name the external parts of the ma...,
Name the internal parts of the ma...
103  cards

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