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Nature of the Atmosphere
How high do the gases that compri...,
What of the mass of the atmospher...,
What is the rough molecular compo...
19  cards
Interpret Warning Products
0  cards
Interpret Weather Forecasts
How are metar and speci generated,
How often are tafs issued,
What altitude do gafs provide wea...
5  cards
Types of Observations For Aviation Weather
What is an observation and what a...,
What is a metar what is a speci,
What is a weather observation mad...
13  cards
Analysis Of Weather Charts
What is the mean sea level chart,
What is the difference between th...,
What is the general spacing of is...
17  cards
Meteorological Facilities At Raaf Base East Sale
How can the awis service be acces...,
Where can details of the meteorol...,
How can the esl met office be con...
6  cards
Characteristics of Visibility
What is the official definition o...,
What factors affect visibility di...,
What is the minimum visibility in...
26  cards
Met Terminology
Who provides meteorological servi...,
What are the three main categorie...,
What are the main examples of for...
24  cards
Air Density
What is the formula for density,
What is the ideal gas law,
How does density vary with increa...
7  cards
Heat Exchange Process
What types of radiation does sola...,
How much of solar radiation is ab...,
What is the circulation model
12  cards
Atmospheric Temperature
What causes every physical proces...,
What temp does water freeze and b...,
What is formula to convert from f...
7  cards
Atmospheric Pressure
What is a synoptic chart and what...,
What is the definition of atmosph...,
What are the two types of instrum...
6  cards
Stability of the Atmosphere
What 3 factors affect the stabili...,
What is an adiabatic process,
What is the level of condensation
11  cards
Atmospheric Circulation and Wind
What is the idea behind general c...,
What are the 3 cells in the 3 cel...,
What causes the formation of the ...
20  cards
Atmospheric Wind Flow
What can be used to measure the w...,
What is the beaufort wind scale,
Is forecast wind direction measur...
24  cards
Atmospheric Moisture
What is heat energy is absorbed o...,
What is sensible heat,
What is evaporation is latent hea...
10  cards
Cloud Classifications
What are the 5 steps to cloud for...,
What are the 5 mechanisms in the ...,
What type of cloud is typically f...
18  cards
Thunderstorms and Hazards
What type of cloud forms thunders...,
What defines a thunderstorm,
What are the three conditions req...
24  cards
Air Masses and Fronts
What is an air mass,
What is a front,
What are source regions
30  cards
Wind Shear and Turbulence
What is turbulence,
What is wind shear,
What is the difference between ho...
19  cards
Inflight Icing and Icing Procedures
What temperature should inflight ...,
What should aircrew try and do as...,
What temperature does airframe st...
20  cards
Regional Weather at ESL
What are some significant geograp...,
What is direction are the predomi...,
Which direction does the principa...
10  cards
Weather Reporting and Services for Aviation
What types of weather events shou...,
What are the main weather and bri...,
What is used for to give weather ...
15  cards
Service Outlets for Weather and NOTAMS
What technical and regulatory fra...,
Where is detailed weather informa...,
Who disseminates data from bom an...
6  cards

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