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Air density,
Synoptic meteorology,
Lapse rate
36  cards
Warminn And Cooling
How does the angle of incoming su...,
How much solar radiation is absor...
35  cards
Air Temp And Humidity
Advection fog,
High dew point indicates
27  cards
Clouds And Precipitation
Clouds with vertical development,
Middle clouds,
Freezing rain
34  cards
Global And Regional Air Circulation
At about what latitude is the pol...,
Pacific high,
Ferrell cell
38  cards
Air Masses, Fronts, Midlatitude Cyclones
Shift in ______ ________,
What could a stationary front pro...,
Air mass
17  cards
Air Pressure And Winds
Geostrophic winds,
What is cold air associated with
22  cards
ENSO Events
El nino causes air pressure acros...,
El nino causes surface winds to _...,
What does enso refer to
5  cards
Deadliest Tornadoes
What is the average lead time wit...,
What is the hook echo,
Where was the worst tornado in 2011
14  cards
Ordinary cell thunderstorm,
What is a macroburst,
What happens in the second stage ...
29  cards
What happens in the dust whirl st...,
What is a waterspout,
What arenon supercell tornadoes
15  cards
What happens during the tropical ...,
Many if not most atlantic hurrica...,
Winds blow _____ around the cente...
26  cards
Weather Forecasting
What is a warning,
What does nwp stand for,
What is numerical weather prediction
26  cards
Hydrometeorology And Flooding
How to soil moisture affect the h...,
What 5 factors affect the hydrolo...,
Rain gauge at work
23  cards
Air Pollution
What is acid rain,
Forest fires,
How does topography affect air po...
17  cards
Atmospheric Optics
Why are clouds white,
Why are skies blue
12  cards
Climate Science
What latitudes are dry climates,
How does solar radiation effect c...,
When was the little ice age
25  cards
Climate Change
How do undersea volcanoes affect ...,
Intermediate term solar radiation,
Positive feedback mechanisms
34  cards
Practical Applications
When is the best time to go walki...,
How does wind affect househunting,
Forest microclimate
18  cards
Psychological Effects Of Weather
What caused the dustbowl in the 1...,
What are marine dead zones,
When was seasonal affective disor...
16  cards

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