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Genes and proteins: One gene-one protein hypothesis
How can one gene be characterised,
What are the functions of dna,
Where are genes linked
73  cards
Genes and proteins: Transcription of DNA into RNA
What is dna transcription,
Why is rna translated,
Where is genetic information from...
114  cards
Genes and proteins: Translation of RNA into proteins
What does the link between dna co...,
Of what do proteins consist,
How are the amino acid chains str...
75  cards
Book 1: Human molecular genetics
How many macromolecules exist in ...,
Which are the 3 macromolecules th...,
What is dna in organisms
326  cards
Establishing DNA as hereditary material
What are darwin s genetics say,
What does,
What does the law of segregation say
129  cards
The Watson and Crick model of DNA
Of what does dna consist,
How many types of bases exist,
Which are the 2 types of bases
72  cards
Genes and proteins
With what does he central dogma o...,
What does the central dogma state,
What is the genotype
92  cards
DNA Replication and Chromosomes
What did the 3 dimensional crysta...,
What could each strand of dna do,
What should dna duplex be before ...
131  cards
DNA Replication and Chromosomes: DNA replication
Where does dna replication occur,
Of what is dna replication a part,
Which are critical aspects of cel...
86  cards
DNA Replication and Chromosomes: DNA and Chromosomes
How is dna packaging within chrom...,
How are more active dna regions p...,
How are less slightly dna packed ...
43  cards
DNA sequencing
What did maxam and gilbert develop,
When did maxam and gilbert develo...,
How was sequencing characterised
112  cards
The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
What did the three dimensional cr...,
From who did the suggestion of dn...,
When did meselson and stahl confi...
115  cards
Extra resources
What is dna,
Who created the modern discipline...,
What was mendel s experiment
538  cards
Genetic engineering
Which are the steps of gene cloning,
How can cell lysis be achieved,
How can proteins be removed
23  cards
Restriction mapping
How can we construct maps,
What is it useful in genetics,
What is restriction mapping like
49  cards

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