molecular biology of the cell

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Kapitel 1
Organic molecule containing both ...,
Single celled organism without a ...,
Member of the domain bacteria one...
20  cards
Kapitel 2
Change in the free energy during ...,
Small water soluble activated car...,
A proton donor substance that rel...
43  cards
Kapitel 3
Region of an enzyme surface to wh...,
Protein in which allosteric chang...,
Change in a proteins conformation...
37  cards
Kapitel 4
Describes the relative orientatio...,
Two nucleotides in an rna or dna ...,
Constricted region of a mitotic c...
32  cards
Kapitel 5
One of several alternative forms ...,
Dna repair pathway in which singl...,
Protein complex that utilizes atp...
43  cards
Kapitel 6
Enzyme that attaches the correct ...,
Sequence of three nucleotides in ...,
Sequence of three nucleotides in ...
34  cards
Kapitel 7
Production of different rnas from...,
Retention by cells and their desc...,
Region of dna in vertebrate genom...
30  cards
Kapitel 8
Cloning vector that can accommoda...,
Clone containing double stranded ...,
Collection of cloned dna molecule...
46  cards
Kapitel 9
Normal light microscope in which ...,
The proposal that all living orga...,
Type of light microscope that pro...
27  cards
Kapitel 10
Having both hydrophobic and hydro...,
Pigmented protein found in the pl...,
The carbohydrate rich zone on the...
27  cards
Kapitel 11
A large family of membrane transp...,
Membrane protein that responds to...,
Rapid transient self propagating ...
56  cards
Kapitel 12
Endoplasmic reticulum er resident...,
Carbohydrate binding chaperone pr...,
Carbohydrate binding chaperone pr...
68  cards
Kapitel 13
Hydrolytic enzymesincluding prote...,
General term for a protein that f...,
Monomeric gtpase in the ras super...
64  cards
Kapitel 14
Part of a photosystem that captur...,
Transmembrane enzyme complex in t...,
Process by which inorganic carbon...
24  cards
Kapitel 15
Adjustment of sensitivity followi...,
General term for a protein that f...,
Membrane bound enzyme that cataly...
116  cards
Kapitel 16
Protein complex containing tubuli...,
Cell junction in which the cytopl...,
Complex of proteins that nucleate...
33  cards
Kapitel 17
Stage of mitosis during which chr...,
Stage of mitosis during which chr...
75  cards
Kapitel 18
Proteins eg bcl2 bclxl on the cyt...,
Produced in response to various a...,
Adaptor protein of the intrinsic ...
23  cards
Kapitel 19
Adherens junctions in epithelia t...,
Dependence of cell growth prolife...,
Cell junction that attaches cells...
52  cards
Kapitel 20
Of tumors self limiting in growth...,
Rare cancer cells capable of divi...,
Genes whose alteration contribute...
32  cards

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molecular biology of the cell

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