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Chapter 2
Water is polar or nonpolar,
Ion and polar molecules are insol...,
Do nonpolar molecules interact wi...
108  cards
Chapter 2 b (extra practice)
Many reactions are energetically ...,
If delta g is negative then the r...,
If delta g is positive then the r...
26  cards
Chapter 3
Glycolysis generates,
Bond between the phosphate in atp...,
For atp hydrolysis delta g is how...
115  cards
Chapter 14 (plasma membrane)
All cells are surrounded by a ___...,
The plasma membrane defines the c...,
The plasma membrane is a ___ barr...
122  cards
Chapter 4
All organisms inherit genetic inf...,
All cells arise from preexisting ...,
The classical principles of genet...
43  cards
Chapter 6
Complete genome sequences involve...,
Differences in sizes of eukaryoti...,
Noncoding sequences play roles in...
39  cards
Is e coli a prokaryote or eukaryote,
Name 3 unicellular eukaryotes,
Some multicellular algae such as ...
3  cards
Chapter 8
Prokaryotes__________ of gene exp...,
Prokaryotes______________ is the ...,
Prokaryotesstudies of _____ have ...
126  cards
Chapter 9
Translation is 1 5,
1 proteins are synthesized from m...,
2 ________ is specified by ______...
57  cards
Chapter 10
________________ separates the nu...,
Nuclear membrane are ____________...,
Nuclear pore complexes are only c...
42  cards
Chapter 11
Sorting and targeting of proteins...,
Newly synthesized proteins were l...,
These experiments define the ____...
55  cards
Test 3. Lecture 26
Choloroplasts are a type of _____...,
Plastid are classified based on t...,
1 all plastids develop from _____...
21  cards
Test 3. Lecture 27
Actin filaments are organized int...,
Cross linking protiens have at le...,
Two types of actin bundles 1 ____...
23  cards
Test 3. Lecture 28
1 myosin heads bind and hydrolyze...,
The myosin head binds to a new po...,
Contraction of ____________ istri...
28  cards
Test 3. Lecture 29
__________ are microtubule based ...,
Some bacteria have______ but they...,
_________beat in a coordinated ba...
32  cards
Test 3. Lecture 30
___________ is the most abundant ...,
1 covalent cross links between si...,
Fibrils can come together to form...
30  cards
Test 3. Lecture 31
Within a tissue cells are often l...,
Gap junctions1 when open they ___...,
Gap junctions consist of trans me...
37  cards
Test 3. Lecture 32
_________________are the largest ...,
Binding of a ligand induces a con...,
G proteins have three subunits de...
22  cards
Test 4. Lecture 33
_______________ stimulate intrace...,
Describe map kinase pathway,
What are map kinases
24  cards
Test 4. Lecture 34
___________ is perhaps the most f...,
In eukaryotic cells progression t...,
The division cycle of most cells ...
22  cards
Test 4. Lecture 35
Further research has established ...,
The activity of cdks is regulated...,
The combined effects of these mul...
20  cards
Test 4. Lecture 36
Events of m phaseat the spindle a...,
Cytokinesis usually starts shortl...,
1 during meiosis i _____________p...
14  cards
Test 4. Lecture 37
Introduction general,
1 programmed cell death is carefu...,
Necrosis accidental cell death fr...
16  cards
Test 4. Lecture 38
The ____________ of some internal...,
____________are less differentiat...,
1 many types of cells have short ...
15  cards
Final old test Part 2
1 transcriptional _______________...,
2 the dna sequence to which rna p...,
3 the role of the sigma factor in...
36  cards
Final old test Part 3
Vesicles that carry proteins from...,
Major mode of vesicle fustion tar...,
Lysosomes contain 60 enzymes degr...
27  cards
Test 4. Lecture 39
Cancer results from a ___________...,
There are more than ______ of cancer,
A _________is any abnormal prolif...
27  cards
Final old test complete option part 2
Transcriptional _____________ bin...,
2 dna sequence to which an rna po...,
3 the role of factor in prokaryot...
46  cards
Final old test complete option part 3
1 vesicles that carry proteins fr...,
2 major molecule of vesicle fusio...,
3 lysosomes contain 60 enzymes th...
34  cards
chapter 16 study questions
Signaling by the steroid hormone ...,
Signaling by neurotransmitters is...,
Stimulation of t lymphocytes lead...
53  cards
Chapter 17 Study Questions
1 the eukaryotic cell cycle is co...,
The length of time it takes for t...,
In a typical cycling mammalian ce...
53  cards
Chapter 18 Study Questions
2 in adult organisms cell death m...,
Necrosis b sepsis c apoptosis d e...,
Which of the following events is ...
39  cards
Chapter 19 Study questions
A tumor is a a malignant growth b...,
A tumor of an epithelial cell is ...,
The most lethal form of cancer in...
12  cards

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