musculo-skeletal system

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Introduction to MSK
What are the function of bonesuck...,
What are the different types of c...,
Fibrous joints
48  cards
Dermatomes, myotomes, segmental innervation of the limbs
What does the sclerotome form and...,
What does the dermatomyotome form...,
How does the dmt form
43  cards
The Lumbar Spine, Applied Anatomy and Clinical disorders
How many vertebrae and what is it...,
Functions of lumbar spine,
Why does the size of the vertebra...
39  cards
The Lower Limb (1)- Hip, Gluteal and posterior thigh
What dos a joint consist of,
What do raised area of bone indicate,
What 3 bones make up the hip bone
46  cards
The Lower Limb (2)- The knee, femoral triangle, anterior thigh and medial thigh
Femoral shaft fractures,
Distal femoral fracture,
How tibial plateau fracture occur
54  cards
The Lower Limb 3- Foot and ankle, disorders of foot and ankle
Tarsal bones,
65  cards
Nerve injuries in the lower limb
What are the blood vessels within...,
33  cards
The cervical and thoracic spine
Which are the atypical vertebrae,
What is c1 also known as,
Structure of c1
31  cards
Brachial plexus
Root values of musculocutaneous,
Median nerve,
Ulnar nerve
11  cards
Functional anatomy of the shoulder
Bones of the shoulder,
What type of bone is the scapula,
Anatomical neck of humerus
48  cards
Clinical conditions of the shoulder
What causes winging o the scapula,
What is axillary lymphadenopathy,
What causes axillary lymphadenopathy
26  cards
The Elbow joint
What type of joint is the elbow j...,
What makes up the elbow joint,
What movements happen
20  cards
The forearm and Cubital fossa
What action do the muscles of te ...,
What muscles are in the superfici...,
How to identify superficial muscles
14  cards
Conditions of the elbow
What type of fracture will fallin...,
Complications of supracondylar fr...,
What are most elbow dislocations
25  cards
Functional Anatomy of the Hand and Wrist
What are the 3 wrist movers,
3 finger movers,
3 thumb movers
30  cards
Common disorders of the hand and wrist
What is a colles fracture,
Smiths fracture,
Common deformities seen in advanc...
23  cards

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musculo-skeletal system

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