my 2017 rusvm theriogenology

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Exam 2 - Canine Estrus Cycle
What is puberty,
What does the proestrus stage of ...,
What does the estrus stage of the...
32  cards
Exam 2 - Canine Breeding Management
What are the breeding management ...,
Ovulation process in the bitch,
What is the modern standard for b...
22  cards
Exam 2 - Bovine Obstetrics
Where is an episiotomy performed,
What has less impact on future fe...,
Indications for a fetotomy
18  cards
Exam 2 - Periparturient Period
What is the most common species f...,
What are the 4 classifiations of ...,
How is vaginal prolapse in cow tx
24  cards
Exam 2 - NonInfectious Infertility
What is the definition of metritis,
What is definition of endometritis,
What is pyometra
33  cards
Exam 2 - Infecctious Infertility bacteria & protozoal
Fetus definition,
Early embryonic death definition,
Abortion definition
42  cards
Exam 2 - Infectious Infertility - Viral
Ibrinfectious bovine rhinotracheitis,
Bvdvbovine viral diarrhea virus,
Bvdv control strategy
5  cards
Exam 2 - Reproductive toxicants & induced abortion
Plants that are teratogenic,
Plants that cause abortions,
Plants that cause infertility
22  cards
BSE of Bull 6/13/17
What are the 4 parts that a bull ...,
What is not included in routine bse,
What can test mating reveal
7  cards
Exam 2 - Reproductive dz of bull
Penile papilloma warts,
Penile hair ring,
Persistent frenulum
12  cards
Exam 2 - Sheep & Goat Reproduction
What is the length of estrus for ewe,
What is repro cycle for doe,
What do sheep goats have in commo...
22  cards

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my 2017 rusvm theriogenology

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