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Male & Female Reproductive Anatomy & Physiology
The ___________ is the funnel end...,
Fertilization occurs in the _____...,
What species does this belong to ...
31  cards
Puberty and Development of Male and Female Systems
What are the two most common test...,
After testes develop sertoli cell...,
Anti mullerian hormone is produce...
24  cards
Bovine Pregnancy Diagnosis
Estimation of stage of pregnancy ...,
The fetus is first palpable at __...,
A mouse sized fetus length is con...
19  cards
Reproduction Endocrinology
What organ in the brain is respon...,
What cells are responsible for th...,
T f in the male fsh acts on the s...
17  cards
Follicular Physiology, Ovulation, Luteinization, Luteolysis
What process of follicular dynami...,
T f the sow ovulates a primary oo...,
What is the dominant hormone duri...
30  cards
Eutocia, Dystocia, Dystocia Management
When examining the fetus in a dys...,
Identify this piece of equipment,
Identify this piece of equipment
33  cards
Fertilization, MRP, Placentation
Taught by Dr. Chapwanya
38  cards
Bovine Breeding Management and Synchronization, Female Cyclicity
Identify diestrus on this chart,
What is the am pm rule for breedi...,
T f dairy herds are mostly bull bred
46  cards
Bovine Obstetrics - Fetotomy and C-Section
Taught by Dr. French
15  cards
Bovine Periparturient Period
In what species do we most common...,
T f vaginal and uterine prolapses...,
Predisposition to vaginal prolaps...
17  cards
Bovine Non-infectious Infertility
Severe inflammation involving all...,
What is the treatment for pyometr...,
What hormone aids in uterine invo...
20  cards
Bovine Infectious Infertility and Abortion
Taught by Dr. Hilari French
43  cards
Reproductive Toxicants, Induced Abortion, Pregnancy Termination
Taught by Dr. Hilari French
23  cards
Bull BSE, Reproductive Diseases of the Bull
Taught by Dr. Hilari French
29  cards
Sheep & Goat Reproduction
Taught by Dr. Hilari French
41  cards
Swine Reproduction
Taught by Dr. Hilari French
49  cards
Canine Estrous Cycle & Breeding Management
Taught by Dr. Chapwanya
32  cards
Canine Pregnancy & Postpartum Diseases
Taught by Dr. Chapwanya
40  cards
Canine Estrus Control/Drug Therapy
Taught by Dr. Chapwanya
19  cards
Canine Reproductive Infectious Diseases
Taught by Dr. Chapwanya
32  cards
Feline Theriogenology
Ovarian cysts will cause prolonge...,
T f some cats may cycle year round,
Which of the following is not tru...
36  cards
Reproductive Anatomy & Physiology of the Mare (meh, mostly done)
The most reliable hormone to indu...,
The cervix in the mare is about _...,
The most accurate way to determin...
27  cards
Mare Breeding Soundness Exam (BSE)
T f bacterial growth from a uteri...,
What is the most common bacterial...,
Uterine biopsy performed in a mar...
19  cards
Mare Pregnancy Diagnosis & Twin Pregnancy
Endometrial cups in mares produce,
If you have an eed past day 38 in...,
Fetal sexing in the mare involves...
20  cards
Mare Disorders of the Gravid Uterus
How many layers make up the equin...,
Fetal death in absence of bacteri...,
Fetal death with bacterial contam...
20  cards
Mare Eutocia, Induction of Parturition
The mare shown in the figure was ...,
Stage i of the birth process in m...,
T f ph of milk in mares typically...
18  cards
Equine Postpartum Disorders
What is your diagnosis,
Uterine prolapse occurs secondary...,
What is your diagnosis
18  cards
Equine Dystocia & Fetotomy
Taught by Dr. Chapwayna
21  cards
Equine - Stallion BSE
T f one nut equals no pass,
Identify this piece of equipment,
__________ is a type of metritis ...
26  cards
Equine Infertility/Subfertility
How do you treat seminal vesiculitis,
When there are no sperm present i...,
Oligospermia in the stallion is w...
19  cards
Camelid Theriogenology
T f camelids are induced ovulators,
How long is the luteal phase in c...,
T f when camelids mate they do so...
15  cards

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