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Lesson 1
What influences project management,
What sets the tone and expectatio...
17  cards
Chapter 1
What are the four domains the pro...,
Why do projects exist,
A set of processes and standards
92  cards
Assessment Test
In this type of organization the ...,
These are units of measures agree...,
The information you gather in the...
83  cards
Five Phases
What is the first phase is the pr...,
The purpose of this phase it to d...,
A written document or report that...
66  cards
Business Case
What is the purpose of the busine...,
Which section of a business case ...,
Which section of a business case ...
11  cards
Chapter 1 Test
What is the defenition of a proje...,
What is the definition of operati...,
What is the term for a group of r...
20  cards
Chapter 2
Who is responsible for integratin...,
Project managers spend about __ o...,
89  cards
Soft Skills
_______ understand how to rally p...,
1 2 what skill is this,
1 projects always have __________...
5  cards
Chapter 2 Test
Which of the following general ma...,
Which general management skill co...,
All of the following are true reg...
20  cards
Chapter 3
What is the second phase of the p...,
What defines the objectives of th...,
A person or an organization that ...
71  cards
Chapter 3 test
The initiating phase includes whi...,
Which person is responsible for a...,
You have identified all the key s...
20  cards
Chapter 4
Who responsibility is it to write...,
Consists of several important doc...,
Includes all components that make...
101  cards
Types of Agile Methodologies
Emphasizes daily communication an...,
Consists of cressfunctional team ...,
An agille methodology that is typ...
18  cards
Chapter 4 Test
Which of the following is not a k...,
The scope statement provides whic...,
Which of the following are compon...
20  cards
Chapter 5
Aa project schedule is for ________,
Sprint planning is for,
Work breakdown structure is apart...
121  cards
CHapter 5 Tests
Which of the following is a chara...,
A wbs is created using a techniqu...,
What is the lowest level of the w...
20  cards
What is the root issue that cause...,
Wwhat is the classic organization...,
In which organizational structure
110  cards
Chapter 6 Test
Your project is underway and your...,
Which type of contract assigns a ...,
Which type of contract assigns a ...
20  cards
Chapter 7 (Security)
Several areas of security include...,
A document that outlines the mini...,
A purpose scope definitions secti...
114  cards
Chapter 7 Test
You are creating a document that ...,
Your organization is involved in ...,
A stranger comes to your door pos...
20  cards
Chapter 8
What is the key to project sccess,
You need a solid plan that includes,
The process of identifying what p...
82  cards
Chapter 8 Test
Why should you spend time develop...,
Which person is responsible for u...,
There are four participants in yo...
20  cards
Chapter 9
The phase of the project where th...,
What is the roadmap for success,
Carrying out tasks according to t...
46  cards
Chapter 9 Test
You are a project manager for a p...,
Which of the following is not a t...,
This entity is responsible for re...
20  cards
Chapter 10
Tasks that come about usually at ...,
Projects that evolve into ongoing...
44  cards
Chapter 10 Test
You are working on a project that...,
You have just left a meeting with...,
You have just left a meeting with...
20  cards
In which conflict resolution tech...,
You are working on a project to u...,
The project manager for the wingt...
95  cards
Which tool is consistently used t...,
A real estate developer is prepar...,
A project manager has decided to ...
66  cards

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