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UNIT 1: (1.1) Cell Structure
What are cells,
What are the parts inside a cell ...,
What are all the organelles in a ...
34  cards
UNIT 1: (1.2) Transport Across Cell Membranes
What is the function of the cell ...,
What is the cell membrane compose...,
What is the structure of the cell...
26  cards
UNIT 1: (1.3) DNA and the Production Of Proteins
Where are chromosomes found,
What do chromosomes contain,
What does the information in chro...
20  cards
UNIT 1: (1.4) Proteins
What subunits are proteins made u...,
How many different amino acids ar...,
How are amino acids held together
57  cards
UNIT 1: (1.5) Genetic Engineering
What is genetic engineering,
After genetic engineering what ar...,
What are chromosomes and plasmids...
18  cards
UNIT 1: (1.6) Respiration
What is energy measured in,
How can chemical energy in food b...,
What is the process of energy rel...
14  cards
UNIT 2: (2.1) Producing New Cells
Mulitcellular organisms
43  cards
UNIT 2: (2.2a) Nervous Control
Control and communication
28  cards
UNIT 2: (2.2b) Hormonal Control
What are hormones,
What are examples of hormones,
What is the function and what end...
15  cards
UNIT 2: (2.3) Reproduction
What is fertilisation,
What are all the structures in a ...,
What is the function of the anther
25  cards
UNIT 2: (2.4) Variation And Inheritance
What are the two types of variation,
What is discrete variation,
What are examples of discrete var...
24  cards
UNIT 2 : (2.5)
What are the organs in a plant,
Why do plants need water,
How are materials transported in ...
14  cards
UNIT 2 : (2.6) Transport Systems In Animals
What do are cells need a constant...,
What must cells get rid of,
How is nutrients transported in m...
44  cards
UNIT 2: (2.7) Absorption of Materials
0  cards
UNIT 3: (3.1) Ecosystems
What is a ecosystem,
What is a habitat,
What is a community
21  cards
UNIT 3: (3.2) Distribution of Organisms
What are biotic factors,
Examples of biotic factors
2  cards
UNIT 3: (3.3) Photosynthesis
0  cards
UNIT 3: (3.4) Energy in ecosystems
How much energy is lost from a fo...,
How much energy in a food chain o...,
What is energy used for
12  cards
UNIT 3: (3.5) Food production
0  cards
UNIT 3: (3.6) Evolution of species
0  cards

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