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Public Order
What is a tpim terrorism and inve...,
What is the power of entry and se...,
How long does a section 42 direct...
17  cards
Code C
What property does the custody of...,
Is it necessary to search all clo...,
What types of search are there in...
81  cards
Identification Code D
It is common for a person underta...,
What are the two types of the ide...,
Will a breach of code d mean that...
93  cards
Interviews Code C, E and F
When must a caution be administered,
What constitutes suspicion,
What about if the officers smell ...
40  cards
Is it an offence to receive prope...,
Are you obliged to return propert...,
Can gas be stolen
55  cards
Release of Persons Arrested - Bail
When is it permissible to comprom...,
What should happen as a default t...,
What can not be attached conditio...
26  cards
Non Fatal Offences Against a Person
Can you charge the suspect with a...,
In terms or assault what the vict...,
What is subjective wrecklessnes
12  cards
State of Mind
What is actus reas,
What is mens rea,
Can a crime be committed with the...
18  cards
Criminal Conduct
If a person was shoved into a sho...,
Can cramp or sleepwalking render ...,
If a person is prove to blackouts...
20  cards
Controlled Drugs
When can a pnd be issued for drugs,
How do you establish possession,
What does knowledge mean
22  cards
Criminal Damage
What are the two defences to crim...,
When can the defences for crimina...,
When is criminal damage a summary...
30  cards
Drink and Drug Driving
What is the difference between be...,
How are these offences tried,
What are the three further offenc...
41  cards
Complaints and Misconduct
What is misconduct,
What is gross misconduct,
Who do the standards of professio...
81  cards
Human Rights
What are the three steps that mus...,
What is specific about public aut...,
Who is not a public authority
9  cards
Power of Arrest
What is an arrest,
What makes an arrest legitimate,
If excess for is used in an arres...
6  cards
Who does uap and upp relate to,
Who do the uap and upp relate to,
Who is the first line in receivin...
37  cards
Stop and Search
When will it be permissible to co...,
What is the necessity of stop and...,
What is the obligation when exerc...
61  cards
When does a person commit and off...,
What is the state of mind for thi...,
What if the person forgot the wea...
39  cards
Youth Justice and Youth Crime
What is the principal aim of the ...,
Who is defined as a guardian unde...,
What is a child safety order for ...
10  cards
Sexual Offences
Can a sexual offence victim remai...,
Can a rape be committed without a...,
What happens to the consent aspec...
24  cards
When will it arise that a person ...,
When will it arise that a person ...,
Can it be said that a person has ...
46  cards
General Defences
What is the automatism defence,
Can a person be held liable in a ...,
What are examples involuntary act...
31  cards
Miscellaneous Offences Against The Person
In relation to kidnapping must th...,
In hostage taking is detaining th...,
When will the offence of hostage ...
3  cards
Child Protection
What are the two types of child a...,
What is the offence of child abdu...,
What are the two special defences...
8  cards
Incomplete Offences and Police Investigations
When does a person commit an offe...,
What does the state of mind have ...,
Can you conspire with a police of...
20  cards
In fraud when is the offence comp...,
Does the false representation eve...,
What if the false representation ...
22  cards
Exclusion of Admisible Evidence
What is a confession often regard...,
What has deemed to be a confession,
If a confession is made by one pa...
10  cards
Reportable Accidents
When will a reportable accident a...,
Is a collision that takes part on...,
If just the driver of a mpv is in...
22  cards
Hatred Harrassment and Anti-Social Behaviour
For harassment dose the course of...,
What is the test for harassment,
Can a company be the victim of ha...
42  cards
Offences involving Communication
What is specific about the offenc...,
With the offence of placing subst...,
In bomb threats can you make a th...
3  cards
Terrorism and Associated Offences
If a terrorism act uses explosive...,
In relation to the offence of mem...,
Disclosure of information terrori...
21  cards
Policing Family
When can a cheif inspector perfor...,
When can a sergeant perform the p...,
Who can issue a disorder notice
4  cards
Sporting Events
What is a designated football match,
What are the three football offences,
What is a chant was based on reli...
22  cards
Domestic Violence and Trade Disputes
How is controlling and coercive b...,
Can a dvpn be issued to a person ...,
Can a dvpn be issued if violence ...
15  cards
Offences and Powers Relating to Information
Freedom of information how quick ...,
Freedom of information can a fee ...,
Freedom of information can a requ...
34  cards
RTA Key Police Powers
Section 163 or the road traffic a...,
Can section 163 of the roat traff...,
Can an officer not in uniform sto...
18  cards
0  cards
Court Procedure and Witnesses
0  cards
Instituting Criminal Proceedings
How can you serve a summons,
Can you serve a summons on a corp...,
Can you serve a summons on a pers...
10  cards
Disclosure of Evidence
What will happen if the defence f...,
If the prosecution fail to comply...,
When the case is to be tried at m...
18  cards
Control of Sex Offenders
Who is on the sex offenders register,
What is a person subject to the r...,
In relation to notification perio...
25  cards
Immigration Iffences and People Exploitation
In relation to section 24 of the ...,
What is specific about section 24...,
At what point does a person commi...
23  cards
Powers under the Road Traffic Act
What powers does section 163 of t...,
What is specific about the office...,
What happens if a person fails to...
13  cards
Causing Death or Serious Injury by Dangerous Driving
What is specific about the vehicl...,
What is specific about the person...,
Can a mother kill her unborn chil...
6  cards
Dangerous Driving
What is specific about the offenc...,
Who can give evidence of the dang...,
Can bad character evidence be use...
4  cards
Carless and Inconsiderate Driving
What is specific about careless a...,
What is specific to the manner of...,
Can a passenger of the vehicle co...
4  cards
Causing Death by Carless Driving Whilst Under the Influence of Drink or Drugs
What is specific about causing de...,
Does the death have to be a resul...,
What is the time frame after the ...
5  cards
What does the law say about insur...,
Is it an offence to use or cause ...,
How do people offer instant insur...
7  cards
Legislation for the protection of Road users
What is specific about children u...,
What is specific about children a...,
What is specific about children a...
13  cards
Legislation Affecting the Use of Highways
What is a heavy commercial vehicle,
How do you calculate the weight o...,
What periods do the local authori...
9  cards

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