nc real estate unit quiz

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Unit 1
A buyer is interested in a house ...,
In nc the term provisional broker...,
Real estate can be a poor investm...
20  cards
Unit 2
Real property is often referred t...,
A property is bordered by a small...,
Oceanfront property ends at the a...
25  cards
Unit 1-5 Quiz
An important characteristic of la...,
A trade fixture is considereda a ...,
Which of the following is conside...
30  cards
Unit 3
Which of the following is an exam...,
Which of the following is an exam...,
A mechanics lien a must be filed ...
21  cards
Unit 5
In north carolina the statutory p...,
Title to real estate may be trans...,
What type of deed might an owner ...
20  cards
Unit 6
A provision in a subdivision decl...,
Tests commonly applied in determi...,
Public land use controls include ...
26  cards
Appendix A
The north carolina real estate co...,
A person needs an active north ca...,
A real estate license must be ren...
30  cards
Unit 7
In 1995 the edin case prompted no...,
The term principal is synonymous ...,
A real estate broker acting as th...
27  cards
Unit 8
In north carolina a listing agree...,
How are an exclusive agency listi...,
All of the following would termin...
33  cards
Unit 9
To be enforceable contracts for t...,
A real estate license gives the b...,
The injured party in a real estat...
20  cards
Unit 16
R value refers toa resistance to ...,
Pressure treated lumber is useda ...,
The vertical framing member of a ...
10  cards
Unit 10
To sell his property the seller h...,
Which of the following statements...,
At 1 30pm a broker faxed an offer...
23  cards
In Class Quiz
The point at which supple and dem...,
A trade fixture is considereda a ...,
A seller is under contract to sel...
45  cards
Practice Exam:
You are preparing a competitive m...,
Which of the following comparable...,
The period over which a property ...
50  cards
Finance Quiz
Under an installment land contrac...,
Charging more interest than is le...,
A mortgagor is the one who a give...
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