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Quiz 1 The Real Estate Business
It is unethical for an appraiser ...,
The duties of a property manager ...,
Having a membership in the nation...
19  cards
Quiz 2 Real Estate License Law
Which act or crime could disquali...,
Jane is a college graduate with a...,
When must the sales associate s p...
23  cards
Quiz 3 Real Estate License Law and Commission Rules
Who elects the chairperson of the...,
What is the purpose of the depart...,
The department of business and pr...
13  cards
Quiz 4 The Brokerage Relationship Disclosure Act
The person who is empowered to ac...,
Which type of agent usually has a...,
The mere payment or promise to pa...
11  cards
Quiz 5 Real Estate Brokerage Activities: Guides for Sales Associates
The federal government department...,
Which is not required on a broker...,
Broker paul from abc realty and b...
14  cards
Quiz 6 Violations of License Law, Penalties and Procedures
Suspension of a license can last ...,
The licensee charged in a dbpr co...
14  cards
Quiz 7 Federal and State Laws Pertaining to Real Estate
The federal fair housing act prov...,
The ______is a federal civil righ...,
Under the federal fair housing ac...
14  cards
Quiz 8 Property Rights: Estates and Tenancies; Condos, Cooperatives and Timesharing
Extreme wind and 15 foot waves wa...,
A river has deposited soil that h...,
If the disclosure summary for a h...
26  cards
Quiz 9 Title, Deeds and Ownership Restrictions
An improvement that crosses over ...,
A person died intestate his prope...,
Which is a voluntary lien against...
16  cards
Quiz 10 Legal Descriptions
The description that follows cont...,
A lot that measured 330 x 198 sol...,
Which of the following would neve...
8  cards
Quiz 11 Real Estate Contracts
A listing agreement could be term...,
If an offer to purchase real prop...,
The primary purpose of a listing ...
18  cards
Quiz 12 Real Estate Finance
A mortgage which is subordinate t...,
In an installment land contract w...,
Which best describes an owner s e...
11  cards
Quiz 13 Types of Mortgages and Sources of Financing
Which law requires lenders to dis...,
___________________________ ensur...,
In making a home mortgage loan a ...
24  cards
Quiz 14 Computations and Closing of Transactions
A property sold for 198 000 with ...,
A house sold for 165 000 and the ...,
Rich and merle purchase a propert...
10  cards
Quiz 15 The Real Estate Market
A builder is looking to develop a...,
A builder is looking to develop a...,
Demand may be influenced bya the ...
11  cards
Quiz 16 The Real Estate Appraisal
Market value is defined by all ex...,
Which principle is the sales appr...,
Which best describes the principl...
11  cards
Quiz 17 Real Estate Investments and Business Opportunity Brokerage
When an investor was analyzing th...,
An investor was looking at a sixt...,
When an investor uses borrowed mo...
11  cards
Quiz 18 Taxes Affecting Real Estate
The purpose of the florida green ...,
Susan and john sold the home they...,
Mr smith likes to pay his taxes q...
13  cards
Quiz 19 Planning and Zoning
A shopping mall located in a comm...,
Mr jones bought a home from mrs s...,
A builder has a 100 acre plot of ...
14  cards
Terms - Chapter 12 Real Estate Finance
Blanket mortgage
40  cards
Practice Exam
In real estate which of the follo...,
Who serves the writ of possession...,
A seller tells a listing associat...
50  cards
Things I Need To Remember
Demand is influenced by what 5 th...,
Supply is influenced by availabil...,
Government can interfere in prope...
20  cards
Florida Real Estate Exam (70 Questions)
Which of the following classes ar...,
The license law is administered b...,
The florida licensing law governi...
77  cards
Final Exam
All are principles of physical ch...,
Emma a 70 year old widow living a...,
In what section of a trid closing...
19  cards
PREP Ch. 1
Name the 6 real estate activities,
Name 7 types of property speciali...
2  cards
1. The Real Estate Business
Absentee owner a is a real estate...,
Appraisal a is a real estate lice...,
Business broker a an offer of pri...
125  cards
Test Prep Final
Harry is looking at buying a buil...,
When skilled labor is plentiful p...,
The principle of laissez faire as...
95  cards

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