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Chapter 1 - The Fire Service
From the communications center th...,
A member of ems who can perform l...,
An individual who takes firefight...
68  cards
Chapter 2 Fire Fighter Health and Safety
A post incident meeting designed ...,
A program designed to reduce to a...,
An employee sponsored service des...
6  cards
Chapter 3 - PPE
The pressure vessel or vessels th...,
The hose through which air flows ...,
A respirator that removes specifi...
43  cards
Chapter 4 - Fire Service Communications
A device that keeps a detailed re...,
A series of data elements that in...,
A stationary radio transciever wi...
38  cards
Chapter 5 - Fire Behaviour
The smallest particle of an eleme...,
A deflagration explosion from the...,
A hot high volume high velocity t...
71  cards
Chapter 6 - Building Construction
An older type of wood frame const...,
A tress that is curved on the top...,
The property describing whether a...
50  cards
Chapter 7 Portable Fire Extinguishers
An extinguishing agent used in dr...,
A solution based on fluorinated s...,
A colorless odorless electrically...
50  cards
Chapter 8 Firefighter Tools and Equipment
A tool made of hardened steel wit...,
A cutting tool used to cut throug...,
A hand tool used to tighten or lo...
66  cards
CH. 9 Ropes and Knots
A knot that joins two ropes or we...,
The open loop in a rope or piece ...,
A rope constructed without knots ...
30  cards
Ch. 10 Forced Entry
A cutting tool with a pry bar bui...,
The blade or wedge part of a tool...,
The process of forming standard g...
51  cards
Ch. 11 Ladders
A self supported turntable mounte...,
A ladder equipped with tormentor ...,
The lowest or widest section of a...
37  cards
Chapter 12 Search and Rescue
An immediate and quick search of ...,
A return to flaming combustion af...,
Those activities directed at loca...
9  cards

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