nursing fundamentals

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Surgical Asepsis
Sterile technique,
A sterile object remains sterile ...,
Sterile touching sterile
37  cards
Introduction To Nursing (ch 1)
Aims of nursing,
American nurses association,
Nurse use four essential competen...
5  cards
Values, Ethics, and Advocacy (ch6)
Value system,
Common modes of value transmission
27  cards
Legal Implications Of Nursing (ch 7)
Occupational safety and health ac...,
A hospital may be held liable for...,
Health care quality improvement a...
9  cards
Nursing Documentation
Why document,
Nursing documentation,
Documentation reflects nursing as...
13  cards
Communicator. (Ch 21)
Source encoder
30  cards
Assessing (ch 12)
Nursing process,
Nursing history,
Initial assessment
36  cards
Diagnosing (ch 13)
Health problem,
Purpose of diagnosing,
Purpose of diagnosis easier to un...
31  cards
Continuity Of Care. (ch 9)
Continuity of care,
Two essential concepts to nursing...,
Community based care
8  cards
Outcome Identification And Planning. (ch 14)
Outcome identification and planning,
Patient outcomes
38  cards
Implementation. (ch 15)
Nursing interventions,
Purpose of implementation,
Nurse initiated interventions
10  cards
Evaluating. (ch 16)
14  cards
Health Assessment. (ch 25)
Ongoing partial assessment,
Comprehensive assessment,
Emergency assessment
22  cards
Culteral Diversity (ch2)
Nursing is the largest subculture of,
Health of an ethic group is jeopa...,
Culturally safe care
23  cards
Random Pages
The patient care partnership it a...,
Who developed a patient s bill of...,
Good samaritan law
4  cards
Teacher And Counselor (ch 22)
Speak up initiative,
Patient education,
17  cards
Safety, Security, Emergency Preparedness. (ch 26)
5 specific risk factors assessments,
Factors affecting safety,
13  cards
2- Stress And Adaptation (ch 42)
39  cards
Health Of Indiv, Family, & Community (ch4)
Maslow s hierarchy of needs,
Basic human needs,
Physiologic needs
14  cards
The Aging Adult (ch20)
Older adult,
Disengagement theory
7  cards
2- Spirituality (ch 46)
Spiritual needs,
23  cards
Vital Signs (ch 24)
When to assess vital signs,
Physiology of body temperature
46  cards
Skin Integrity & Wound Care. Ch 32
Subcutaneous tissue
37  cards
Fluid And Electrolyte/Acid-Base Imbalances
What two compartments is body flu...,
Approximately what percentage of ...,
Intravascular space
5  cards
2- Fluid, Electrolyte, A/B Balance (40)
Amount of fluid intake and loss i...,
Functions of water in the body,
16  cards
2- Appendicitis
Symptoms and manifestations,
Risk factors for appendicitis,
Locations of pain other than rlq
9  cards
2-Asepsis and Infection Control (ch 27)
Infection occurs as a result of c...
39  cards
Purpose of the gi tract,
What is the most common use for a...
4  cards

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