nursing pharmacology

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Drug development & ethical considerations
Informed consent,
43  cards
Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics
What are the four parts to the ph...,
What are the three parts to the p...,
Drug movement from gi tract into ...
134  cards
How do people respond to drug the...,
Pharmacogenetics is the same as,
Study on how patient genomes affe...
18  cards
Complementary and Alternative Therapies
Additive substances that come fro...,
Any plant used for culinary or me...,
A type of medicine that focuses o...
22  cards
Pediatric Considerations
Use of a drug for some purpose fo...,
Essential to ensuring safety duri...,
Provision of therapy using interv...
22  cards
Drug Therapy in Older Adults
Person over the age of 65,
Use of multiple drugs and or admi...,
A document developed by a consens...
18  cards
Safety and Quality
Requires confirmation of a patien...,
Requires confirming that a drug i...,
Requires verification by the nurs...
17  cards
Drugs in Substance Use Disorder
A project that tracks drug use in...,
Use of more than one drug,
A disorder evidenced by recurrent...
21  cards
Adrenergic Agonists and Antagonists
Drugs that affect the sympathetic...,
Drugs that affect the sympathetic...,
Target of the catecholamines
49  cards
Cholinergic Agonists and Antagonists
The neurotransmitter located at t...,
Receptors that stimulate smooth m...,
Receptors that affect the skeleta...
29  cards
The inability to fall asleep or s...,
The sleep stage during which peop...,
Four different stages of sleep fa...
23  cards
Antiseizure Drugs
A disorder that results from abno...,
An electrophysiologic monitoring ...,
Of unknown cause
27  cards
Drugs for Parkinsonism and Alzheimer Disease
A chronic progressive neurologic ...,
Slow movement,
A chronic progressive neurodegene...
28  cards
Drugs for Neuromuscular Disorders and Muscle Spasms
An acquired autoimmune disease th...,
A neuromuscular autoimmune disord...,
Muscle contractions resulting fro...
30  cards
Antidepressants/Mood Stabilizers
A mood disorder that causes a per...,
Drugs that treat depression,
Depression that usually has a sud...
33  cards
Chemical mediators that have been...,
The enzyme responsible for conver...,
Non opioid analgesics taken for p...
48  cards
The level of stimulus needed to c...,
The amount of pain a person can e...,
A drug prescribed for the relief ...
44  cards
Inhibits bacterial growth,
Bacteria killing,
A disease producing microorganism
61  cards
Antituberculars, Antifungals, and Antivirals
A state of persistent immune resp...,
Drugs to prevent infection,
Those drugs chosen first for therapy
43  cards
Immunity that occurs when the bod...,
The reaction of the cells and flu...,
A toxin or other foreign substanc...
16  cards
Upper Respiratory Disorders
The most prevalent type of upper ...,
Acute inflammation of the mucous ...,
Caused by a pollen or foreign sub...
25  cards
Lower Respiratory Disorders
A major category of lower respira...,
A decrease in total lung capacity...,
Abnormal dilation of the bronchi ...
38  cards
Cardiac Glycosides, Antianginals, and Antidysrhythmics
Occurs when the heart muscle does...,
Drugs that inhibit the sodium pot...,
Action that increased myocardial ...
46  cards
Agents used to decrease hypertens...,
Increased urine flow,
Sodium loss in the urine
32  cards
The most common type of hypertens...,
Hypertension related to renal and...,
Drugs that affect the sympathetic...
30  cards
Anticoagulants, Antiplatelets, and Thrombolytics
Clumping together of platelets to...,
The formation of a clot in an art...,
Prevent the formation of clots th...
26  cards
Antihyperlipidemics and Drugs to Improve Peripheral Blood Flow
Drugs that dilate the distal bloo...,
A condition that occurs when ther...,
Special particles made up of drop...
28  cards
Gastrointestinal Tract Disorders
A major cerebral center that lies...,
A major cerebral center that caus...,
Drugs used to induce vomiting
49  cards
Antiulcer Drugs
A broad term for an ulcer that oc...,
A strongly acidic solution of gas...,
A digestive enzyme activated at a...
31  cards
Pituitary, Thyroid, Parathyroid, and Adrenal Disorders
Another name for the pituitary gland,
The anterior pituitary gland,
Excessive growth during childhood
55  cards
A protein secreted from the beta ...,
Synthetic preparations that stimu...,
A chronic disease that results fr...
49  cards
Urinary Disorders
Microbial infection of any part o...,
Prevents bacterial growth in the ...,
Drugs that relieve pain or burnin...
30  cards
Men's Health and Reproductive Disorders
Male sex hormones,
An anabolic steroid,
A defect of the reproductive syst...
23  cards
What are the side effects of anti...,
Explain the drug regimen for h py...,
What are the side effects of alum...
80  cards
Sexually Transmitted Infections
The passage of infecting organism...,
The stage of syphilis in which ch...,
The stage of syphilis in which a ...
15  cards
Emergency Drugs
A sudden uncontrolled rapid rhyth...,
Medication used as a first line e...,
A medication that dilates coronar...
22  cards
Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics COPY
What are the four parts to the ph...,
What are the three parts to the p...,
Drug movement from gi tract into ...
133  cards
Vitamin and Mineral Replacement
Organic substances necessary for ...,
List the fat soluble vitamins,
List the water soluble vitamins
17  cards
Depressants COPY
The inability to fall asleep or s...,
The sleep stage during which peop...,
Four different stages of sleep fa...
23  cards
Antidepressants/Mood Stabilizers COPY
A mood disorder that causes a per...,
Drugs that treat depression,
Depression that usually has a sud...
33  cards

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