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Nov 21 test
Patients with sickle cell disease...,
What is indicated for pregnant pa...,
How is a hydatidiform mole managed
29  cards
Nov 22 2020
Are leiomyomas benign or malignant,
Why do leiomyomas grow in pregnancy,
Presentation of leiomyoma degener...
28  cards
Nov 23 2020
How does pulmonary edema develop ...,
Why is carboprost contraindicated...
2  cards
Nov 28
Why may ulcerative colitis get wo...,
What fetal risks are associated w...,
Which ulcerative colitis drug is ...
12  cards
nov 30
Are triptans normally used in pre...,
What can be used to prevent migra...,
Vulvar lichen planus may have ass...
11  cards
dec 1
Most common cause of unilateral n...,
Empiric treatment of chlamydia an...,
Why does kidney engorgement occur...
15  cards
dec 7
Etiology of early decelerations o...,
Etiology of late decelerations on...,
Etiology of variable deceleration...
19  cards
Dec 8
What do sertoli leydig tumours pr...,
Clinical features of a sertoli le...,
Causes of hydrops fetalis
16  cards
Complications of molar pregnancy,
Labour diagnosis,
First stage of labour
45  cards
uworld dec 21
Presentation of hidradenitis supp...,
Can you administer the hep a and ...,
Who is most affected by lichen sc...
10  cards
uworld dec 29
Will patients with androgen insen...,
What is pseudothrombocytopenia,
What will be seen on a slide when...
17  cards
uworld dec 30
What is adenomyosis,
Symptoms of adenomyosis,
Gbs prophylaxis indications
15  cards
uworld dec 31
Letrozole moa,
Letrozole use,
Common side effect of the medroxy...
3  cards
Jan 1 2020
A patient in labour has a ctg sho...,
Can you do an assisted delivery i...,
Typical presentation of benign ov...
12  cards
Jan 2 2020
Why are estrogen containing contr...,
What birth control methods can be...,
What is seen on histology of a gr...
44  cards
Jan 3 2020
What is the initial investigation...,
Should you wait for spontaneous l...,
How should you deliver a women wi...
36  cards
Jan 4th 2020
Common findings on head ct of a p...,
A woman with inevitable abortion ...,
Tubo ovarian abscess is a complic...
22  cards
Jan 6 2020
How many months after birth can p...,
Does subacte granulomatous thyroi...,
Is the thyroid in postpartum thyr...
22  cards
Jan 7 2021
Clinical features of osteogenesis...,
Duchennes and becker muscular dys...,
Marfans has mutations in
52  cards
Jan 7 2021
Types of pleural effusion,
Lights criteria for an exudative ...,
Is tympanic membrane erythema alo...
34  cards
jan 8 2021
Pathogenesis of immune thrombocyt...,
First line treatment of immune th...,
Second line treatment for itp
20  cards
jan 8 2021 cont
A child with bone pain diffuse ly...,
How do diagnose acute lymphoblast...,
Do people with mono have bone pain
12  cards
jan 9 2021
What is chronic granulomatos disease,
Name 4 catalase positive organisms,
Path of chronic granulomatous dis...
51  cards
jan 10 2021
Many patients with sle also have,
What triggers a complex regional ...,
Clinical features of a complex re...
8  cards
jan 11 2021
What is the strongest risk factor...,
Treatment of a baby with congenit...,
Presentation of hiv in infancy
36  cards
jan 12 2021
Management of nec,
Presentation of intracerebral hem...,
Diagnosis of intussesception
10  cards
jan 16
Treatment of a patient with atria...,
Xray findings of transposition of...,
Diagnosis of stasis dermatitis
12  cards
jan 17
What is a vascular ring,
What makes symptoms of a vascular...,
Presentation of a vascular ring
27  cards
jan 18
Which type of lung cancer is asso...,
Which enzyme is reduced in acute ...,
Inheritance of aip
48  cards
jan 19
Clinical features of serum sickne...,
What causes a serum sickness like...,
Which drugs may cause a serum sic...
19  cards
jan 20
Unilateral cervical lymphadenitis...,
Bilateral cervical lymphadenitis ...,
Most common causes of unilateral ...
35  cards
jan 21
Preferred modality for diagnosing...,
Can cmv cause meningitis in healt...,
Inheritance of myotonic dystrophy
38  cards
jan 22
Treatment of otitis externa,
Transient synovitis clinical pres...,
Diagnosis of transient synovitis
50  cards
jan 25
Presentation of an acute episode ...,
Management of episode or heredita...,
First line treatment for pseudotu...
39  cards
jan 26
Treatment of transient synovitis,
What is craniotabes,
What is craniotabes a sign of
39  cards
jan 27
Which part of the pituitary is us...,
Which hormones are producted by t...,
K levels in sheehan syndrome
17  cards
feb 8
Name the 5 criteria for lyme dise...,
Is antibiotic prophylaxis useful ...,
What is proctalgia fugax
4  cards
feb 9
Treatment of trachoma,
Presentation of trachoma,
Does iga nephropathy cause decrea...
16  cards
feb 10
What may trigger methemoglobinemia,
Clinical exam findings of methemo...,
Lab findings of methemoglobinemia
10  cards
FEb 16
What is cholestyramine used to treat,
Which heart problem may uncontrol...,
What does diabetes cuase hypertro...
37  cards
feb 17 2021
What is the most common risk fact...,
Why does orbital cellulitis cause...,
Treatment of orbital cellulitis
17  cards
feb 21 2021
Presentation of kawasaki disease,
What area is periungal,
Treatment of kawasaki disease
29  cards

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