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What is the role of governments in placemaking?

-National governments represent the country on an international stage
-Local governments represent smaller areas or towns as places


What are the challenges associated with rising populations in places?

-where will people live?
-where will people work?
-what type of communities will people live in?
-how will people and goods move around?


Who participates in placemaking?

-environmental groups
-industry and businesses


Define placemaking

The process by which a place has an identity created, either intentionally or unintentionally


Define reimaging

Development associated with rebranding, usually involving cultural, artistic, or sporting elements


Define rebranding

Developments aimed at changing negative perceptions of a place, making it more attractive to investment


How can governments and organisations attempt to present places to the wider world to attract inward investment?

-financial benefits to companies e.g. extempt from tariffs
-trade links
-cooperation between different levels of government


Give an example of how governments can provide financial benefits to companies in order to attract inward investment

The UKs membership of the EU attracted Hitachi as cars exported to Europe were exempt from tariffs


How can architecture contribute to placemaking?

-buildings can reflect the culture of a place
-buildings link to the history of a place
-flagship architecture can attract visitors


What are planners responsible for in the design of areas?

-industrial and housing development


The rise in what kind of resident encourages cities to become 24 hour cities?

Young professionals


Give examples of the services needed to make a city a 24 hour city

-night buses
-night tubes
-food outlets e.g. McDonald's open 24 hours
-theatres and art galleries open later


How can the rebranding of a city into a 24 hour city affect perceptions of a place?

Changes perceptions from unsafe and dangerous at night to fun and lively