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Decks in this class (30)

1: RM definitions
13  cards
1: RM pros/cons
Self selecting sample advantages,
Self selecting sample disadvantages,
Opportunity sampling advantages
10  cards
Individual situational debate,
Individual explanation,
Situational explanation
3  cards
Describe milgram s participants,
Aim of milgram s study,
What sampling method did milgram use
15  cards
Informed consent,
6  cards
Behaviourist perspective
Principles of the behaviourist pe...,
Concepts of the behaviourist pers...,
Classical conditioning
12  cards
Ecological validity,
Benefits of ecological validity,
12  cards
Nature position,
Nurture position,
Nature strengths
6  cards
Lab experiments,
Lab experiments advantages,
Lab experiments disadvantages
66  cards
Kohlbergs aim,
Us sample,
25  cards
1  cards
What are the two main methods if ...,
Questionnaire features,
Questionnaire advantages
33  cards
Psychodynamic perspective
What does the perspective claim,
Define unconscious processes,
Define psychodynamic conflict
14  cards
Loftus and Palmer
Describe the background of the study,
Define schema theory,
Define reconstructive memory
34  cards
Freuds theory of psychosexual dev...,
What were the five stages of deve...,
Oral stage
20  cards
Gould (Yerkes)
Background to yerkes study,
Intelligence definition,
Psychometric tests definition
41  cards
Correlation studies,
Positive correlation,
Negative correlation
18  cards
Sperry (1968)
Background of the study,
Lateralisation of function,
Corpus callosum
37  cards
Psychology as a science
Features of a science,
11  cards
Socially sensitive research
Aspects of human life that could ...,
Socially sensitive research,
Benefits of research being social...
9  cards
Blakemore & Cooper (1970)
Background of the study,
Brain plasticity,
Visual cortex and visual neurons
36  cards
The biological area
Principles of the biological area,
Concepts of the biological area,
How does sperry link to the biolo...
8  cards
Internal reliability
19  cards
Chaney (2004)
Operant conditioning,
Positive reinforcement
27  cards
The freewill position,
The determinist position,
Biological determinism
15  cards
Lee et al (1997)
Background of the study,
Individualistic culture,
Collectivist culture
10  cards
Research aim,
Research question,
Coding frame
29  cards
Simons and Chabris (1999)
Background of the study,
Aims of the study,
28  cards
Grant et al (1998)
Background to the study,
Aims of the study,
9  cards
Baron-Cohen (1997)
Background of the study,
Social communication,
Social interaction
8  cards

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