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Dental Eruption
Physical process associated with ...,
Eruption is the result of a multi...,
Dental organs vary in size shape ...
26  cards
Any alteration in the bone growth...,
Hereditarycongenital defectsoral ...,
Local factors
66  cards
Orthodontics (history And +)
Ortho means,
Odonto means,
1879 a treatis on oral deformitie...
21  cards
What is the importance of maintai...,
When does the most common loss oc...,
Children may experience premature...
47  cards
Bad Oral Habits
Bad oral habits creates malocclusion,
Boh depends on,
Amount of force that is applied t...
60  cards
Removable Appliances
Their mechanical properties resul...,
Remo app are usually only indicat...,
Classification of remo app
40  cards
Functional Appliances
Also called,
No active components such as spri...
2  cards
Diagnostic Records
Diagnostic records 4,
To diagnose all cases of malocclu...,
Ortho diagnosis must be done base...
35  cards
Radiologic Study
The radiologic projections indica...,
We can see the degree of apical f...
32  cards
Model Analysisi
It aims to predict the size of th...,
The upper and lower first permane...,
Analysis created by doctors lyle ...
8  cards
Cephalometric Analysis
Consist on tracing points on acet...,
The cephalometric analysis is res...,
Serial cephalometric x rays obtai...
55  cards
Orthodontic vanguards,
Is an invisible orthodontic techn...,
Can be removed to eat and brush y...
16  cards
Lingual Braces
Consists of tiny braces which are...,
Lingual braces requires a series ...,
First step
11  cards
Casos Clínicos
22 year old patient that present ...,
12 year old patient that present ...,
13 year old patient that present ...
11  cards

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