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Respiratory Examination - Asthma, COPD + Corticosteroids
Name 5 drugs commonly used in the...,
Name some major b2 agonists,
Mechanism of action of b2 agonists
33  cards
Cardiovascular and Respiratory
Give 7 modifiable risk factors fo...,
Give 5 complications of hypertension,
Give as many causes of secondary ...
33  cards
What complications can arise from...,
Give 3 transudative causes of asc...,
Give 4 exudative causes of ascites
20  cards
What kind of aura would you expec...,
Which cranial nerves may be affec...,
Give 5 causes of any cranial nerv...
37  cards
CVS drugs - Anti-hypertensives and anti-clotting
What are three indications for ac...,
Give three contraindications for ...,
Give four adrs of ace inhibitors
47  cards
CVS drugs - Anti-arrhythmics, diuretics and anti-fat
What four types of drugs are in t...,
What are the three mechanisms of ...,
Why would you use fleicanide
30  cards
CVS drugs - Diuretics and anti-fat
When is mannitol used,
Give a ci for mannitol,
What is the mechanism of aciton o...
37  cards
GI examination - Peptic ulcers, laxatives, constipators
What is the mechanism of action o...,
What is the mechanism of action o...,
How do you treat gord
39  cards
Neuro exams - Parkinson's, Epilepsy and Glaucomo
What is the pathophysiology of pa...,
Give main treatment for parkinson...,
When is l dopa used
35  cards
Painkillers + Paracetamol
How do nsaids work,
What are the good effects of nsaids,
Give 3 main adrs of nsaids
12  cards

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