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CH1 - Growth Adaptations, Cellular Injury, and Cell Death
What are the basic principles of ...,
What leads to an increase in orga...,
Hypertrophy occurs via what
167  cards
CH2 - Inflammation, Inflammatory Disorders, and Wound Healing
What does inflammation allow,
Inflammation is divided into what,
What is inflammation characterize...
213  cards
CH3 - Principles of Neoplasia
Neoplasia is,
What features distinguish neoplas...,
Monoclonal means
169  cards
CH4 - Hemostasis and Related Disorders
What is hemostatsis,
Hemostasis involves the formation of,
Hemostasis stages
213  cards
CH8 - Cardiac Pathology
What is ischemic heart disease ihd,
What is the leading cause of deat...,
What is ischemic heart disease ih...
288  cards
CH9 - Respiratory Tract Pathology
What is rhinitis,
What is the most common cause of ...,
What does rhinitis present with
289  cards
CH10 - Gastrointestinal Pathology
What are some diseases that affec...,
What is cleft up and palate,
What is cleft up and palate due to
345  cards
CH11 - Exocrine Pancreas, Gallbladder, and Liver Pathology
What is annular pancreas,
In annular pancreas what is there...,
What is acute pancreatitis
216  cards
CH12 - Kidney and Urinary Tract Pathology
What is the most common congenita...,
In horseshoe kidney where is it l...,
What happens in horseshoe kidney
238  cards
CH13 - Female Genital System and Gestational Pathology
What is the vulva,
What is the vulva lined by,
What is a bartholin cyst
337  cards
CH14 - Male Genital System Pathology
What is the hypospadias,
What is hypospadias due to,
What is epispadias
136  cards
CH15 - Endocrine Pathology
What is the endocrine system,
How does the endocrine system fun...,
In the endocrine system what cont...
276  cards
CH16 - Breast Pathology
What is the breast,
From where can breast tissue develop,
What is the functional unit of th...
118  cards
CH17 - Central Nervous System Pathology
What are the developmental anomolies,
What do neural tube defects arise...,
What happens to the neural plate ...
315  cards
CH18 - Musculoskeletal Pathology
What is achondroplasia,
What is achondroplasia a common c...,
What is achondroplasia due to
244  cards
CH19 - Skin Pathology
What is the function of skin,
What is skin composed of,
What is the epidermis comprised of
143  cards
CH5 - Red Blood Cell Disorders
What is anemia,
What does anemia present with,
How is rbc mass measured
284  cards
CH6 - White Blood Cell Disorders
What does hematopoetic cd34 stem ...,
What does myeloid stem cells produce,
What does erythroblast produce
283  cards
CH7 - Vascular Pathology
What is vasculitis,
What is the arterial wall compris...,
What is the etiology for vasculitis
146  cards

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