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Rheumatoid Arthritis
The onset of rheumatoid arthritis is,
Rheumatoid arthritis is more prev...,
The etiology of rheumatoid arthri...
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Infectious disorders
Antibiotic resistance is,
________ are responsible for an i...,
The antibiotic class that causes ...
72  cards
Scleroderma is an,
Scleroderma is considered to be a,
Scleroderma typically affects
16  cards
Lupus is a definition,
The most characteristic antibody ...,
These three factors combined make...
29  cards
Hyper & hypo immune disorders
Describe the difference between i...,
The innate system does not need a,
The innate system is comprised of
136  cards
Hepatic week 1
What are the functions of the liver,
The basic functional unit of the ...,
How many lobules are in the liver
152  cards
Hepatic part 2
Excess bilirubin in the ecf is kn...,
Common causes of jaundice include,
The toxic form of bilirubin to he...
110  cards
Hepatic Part 3
Preoperative considerations for t...,
Perioperative considerations for ...,
Patients with hepatitis are at ri...
123  cards
Hepatic pearls
Acute hepatitis is the result of,
Hep c produces,
Infectious carriers pose a major ...
57  cards
Hepatic pearls part 2
Hepatic arterial blood flow is de...,
Hepatic blood flow promotes suffi...,
Describe bridging fibrosis
71  cards
Hematologic Pathophysiology Hemoglobin Disorders
Hemoglobin is a large molecule ma...,
An individual erythrocyte may con...,
Hemoglobin a is most common made ...
81  cards
Coagulation Disorders
Hereditary deficiencies include,
Acquired coagulation deficiencies...,
Treatment of a single factor defi...
62  cards
Hematologic Pathophysiology Anemias
Macrocytic refers to,
Microcytic refers to,
Reticulocytes are
89  cards
Neuromuscular diseases
Define neuromuscular disorders,
The primary roles of upper motor ...,
Upper motor neurons are
105  cards
Renal pathophysiology
The kidneys receive __________ pe...,
________ of blood through the ren...,
Renal medullary papillae are more...
74  cards
Renal pathophysiology part II
Glucose is freely filtered at,
Glycosuria signifies that the abi...,
Conditions that cause elevated se...
91  cards
Endocrine Pituitary Gland
Endocrine glands,
Exocrine glands,
What are the important endocrine ...
95  cards
Anesthesia for patients with adrenal disease
The adrenal cortex releases,
Describe the percentage of epinep...,
The adrenal glands are
73  cards
Parathyroid gland
Patients have ______ parathyroid ...,
Parathyroid glands produce,
The half life of parathyroid horm...
61  cards
Thyroid Lecture
The blood supply to the thyroid i...,
The lymphatic drainage of the thy...,
The _________ and the external mo...
93  cards
Endocrine Metabolic Disorders
The four types of cells found in ...,
Beta cells compose,
Alpha cells compose
71  cards
Crohn's Disease
Crohn s disease is an,
Crohn s disease commonly affects,
Injury to the gi wall due to infl...
25  cards
Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome
What is zollinger ellison syndrome,
The tumors in zollinger ellison s...,
__________ in the gut causes mult...
10  cards
GI Pathophysiology 1- Hideyo
The function of the gi system inc...,
The following aids in digestion t...,
Fragmentation is the process of
23  cards
GI Pathophysiology 2-Hideyo
Motility of the gi involves,
The electrical activity in the gi...,
Autonomic control of motility inc...
14  cards
Diseases of the esophagus- KS's notes
Esophageal motility disorders oft...,
Achalasia is a,
Achalasia is the result of
28  cards
Disorders of the stomach- KS's notes
Peptic ulcer disease presents as,
Peptic ulcer disease is a result of,
H pylori is virtually always
24  cards
Anesthetic considerations for surgical procedures in the premature infant, neonates, and pediatrics
Preoperative assessment includes,
Describe the special anesthetic c...,
Describe npo guidelines for elect...
79  cards
Surgical procedures part 2- Additional info
Describe malrotation and midgut v...,
Describe the meaning of volvulus,
Describe the presentation of malr...
51  cards
Pediatric & Neonatal anesthesia pathophysiology Part 1
Prematurity is considered to be,
Low birth weight is,
Very low birth weight is
69  cards
Pediatric & Neonatal anesthesia pathophysiology Part 2
Fetal circulation is characterize...,
The most oxygenated blood from th...,
The umbilical vein pao2 is
55  cards
Shunt Fraction in Pediatric Congenital Heart Defects
In the context of heart lesions p...,
Describe a left to right shunt,
Recirculation of systemic venous ...
19  cards
Hypoplastic Left Heart syndrome
Hypoplastic left heart syndrome i...,
Hypoplastic left heart syndrome r...,
The expected oxygen saturation fo...
34  cards
Advanced Pathophysiology Congenital Heart Defects
The word congenital refers to,
Congenital heart defects may deve...,
Of children with a heart defect 3...
93  cards
SBE & Syndromes with CHD
Infective endocarditis is also ca...,
Ie is _____ but children with ___...,
Acute bacterial endocarditis is c...
59  cards
Peds Summary
Sbe propylaxis,
Apnea of prematurity,
Maximum allowable blood loss is
33  cards
Peds summary part 2
____ can be used to try and close...,
The ductus arteriosus remains pat...,
Left to right shunts
27  cards
Geriatric considerations
Elderly patients disproportionate...,
Describe oxidative damage,
Describe dna damage repair
57  cards
Geriatric considerations part 2
Describe body composition,
There is a reduction in _____ bod...,
Describe what happens to the basa...
77  cards
Pathophys final review
Describe eosinophilic esophagitis,
Extrinsic asthma is when,
Treatment of acute angioedema inc...
61  cards
Pathophys final review part 2
The half life of pth is,
Hyperparathyroidism is classified as,
Acute hypoglycemia can present with
44  cards
Pathyophys final review part 3
What product carries the lowest r...,
Ffp contains,
Cryoprecipitate contains
54  cards
Pathophys final review part 4
Infants are at risk for postopera...,
Postconceptual age is,
A vagotomy is
78  cards

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