Penn Foster Veterinary Pharmacology

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Chapter 1 : General Pharmacology
A drug that has affinity for a re...,
Reason not to use a drug in a par...,
The degree to which a drug produc...
69  cards
Chapter 2 : Routes and Techniques of Drug Administration
A waxy secretion of the glands of...,
An agent that produces superficia...,
A semisolid preparation of oil wa...
31  cards
Chapter 3 : Practical Calculations
Determination of the amount of do...,
The amount of drug to be administ...,
One gram molecular weight from pe...
8  cards
Chapter 4 : Drugs Used in Nervous System Disorders
A neurotransmitter that allows a ...,
An enzyme that brings about the b...,
A term used to describe an action...
45  cards
Chapter 5 : Drugs Used in Respiratory System Disorders
The conversion of a liquid into a...,
A drug that inhibits or supresses...,
Narrowing of the bronchi and bron...
35  cards
Chapter 6 : Drugs used in Renal and Urinary Tract Disorders
The absence or lack of normal ton...,
The smooth muscle of the urinary ...,
The absence of detrusor contractions
31  cards
Chapter 7 - Drugs Used in Cardiovascular System Disorders
The resistance pressure in arteri...,
A variation of the normal rhythm,
The ability of cardiac muscle to ...
31  cards
Chapter 8 : Drugs Used in Gastrointestinal System Disorders
A drug that inhibits gastrointest...,
An area in the brain that activat...,
A preparation for cleansing teeth...
34  cards
Chapter 9 : Drugs Used in Hormonal, Endocrine, and Reproductive Disorders
The constructive phase of metabol...,
A chemical compound having a stru...,
Hyperadrenocorticism a disease or...
46  cards
Chapter 10 : Drugs Used in Opthalmic and Otic Disorders
Squinting of the eye,
A waxy secretion of the glands of...,
Inflammation of the conjunctiva
33  cards
Chapter 11 : Drugs Used in Skin Disorders
A substance used on the skin to p...,
An agent that causes contraction ...,
A fibrous substance found in skin...
32  cards
Chapter 12 : Antiinfective Drugs
An agent that inhibits bacterial ...,
An agent produced by a microorgan...,
An agent that kills microorganism...
32  cards
Chapter 13 : Antiparasitic Drugs
Drug used to eliminate helminth p...,
Larvae of several fly species,
A parasite that lives on the outs...
20  cards
Chapter 14 : Drugs Used to Relieve Pain and Inflammation
The modification of nociceptive t...,
The use of different drugs with d...,
A loss of feeling or sensation pr...
32  cards
Chapter 15 : Therapeutic Nutritional, Fluid, and Electrolyte Replacements
A substance that decreases the ch...,
A chemical system composed of a c...,
The act of separating into ionic ...
36  cards
Chapter 16 : Blood-Modifying, Antineoplastic, and Immunosuppressant Drugs
Formation of a linkage between a ...,
Capable of acting in several or a...,
Capable of acting during a specif...
45  cards
Chapter 17 : Immunologic Drugs
Immunity that occurs by an animal...,
A substance given with an antigen...,
A systemic severe allergic reaction
22  cards
Chapter 18 : Miscellaneous Therapeutic Agents
Belonging to the same organism,
An agent used in chemotherapy for...,
A group of polypeptide cytokines ...
28  cards

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