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Cardio OSCE
Ecg interpretation structure,
Cardiac output monitoring normal ...,
Picco vs lidco
10  cards
Cardio - OSCE - Endocarditis
Patient with fever tachycardia ra...,
What type of echo is best for end...,
Problems with toe
6  cards
Cardio - Post Cardiac Arrest
Mortality follow cardiac arrest,
What makes up the post caridac ar...,
Describe the myocardial dysfunction
10  cards
Cardio - Hypertension
What are the causes of hypertension,
What are some of the secondary ca...,
What is the normal axis for left ...
16  cards
Cardiac Output Monitoring
What is fluid responsiveness,
What methods can we use to determ...,
Classify types of cardiac output ...
13  cards
Cardio - Cardiogenic Shock
Characteristics of cardiogeneic s...,
17  cards
Cardio - Cardiomyopathy
What is cardiomyopathy,
What are the causes of cardiomyop...,
How would you manage a patient wi...
3  cards
Cardio - IE
What is infective endocarditis,
What are the risk factors for end...,
What are the clinical manifestati...
6  cards
Cardio - Viva - Infective Endocarditis
Define infective endocarditis,
How can ie be divided,
Risk factors for ie
17  cards
Derm - Burns
Describe the pathophysiology of m...,
How is burn severity estimated,
What are the management prioritie...
12  cards
Derm - Burns
Pathophysiogy of major burnsclassify,
Describe the inflammatory response,
Patholgical features of inhalatio...
34  cards
What life threatening skin condit...,
What is stevens johnson syndrome ...,
What are the causes of sjs ten
9  cards
Endo - Adrenal Insufficiency
Classify the causes of adrenal in...,
Causes of primary adrenal insuffi...,
Causes of secondary tertiary
12  cards
Endo - Diabetic Emergencies
What is dka,
Pathophys of dka,
Why is there fluid depletion in dka
22  cards
What percentage of calcium is in ...,
Percentage of ca bound to albumin,
Plasma conc caionised conc ca
15  cards
Endocrine Emergencies
What are the causes of thyrotoxic...,
What functions does the thyroid g...,
What are the changes that occur i...
13  cards
Endo - Viva - Thyroid
Define thyroid storm,
Pathophys of thyroid storm,
Causes of thyroid storm
15  cards
Endocrinology OSCE
Addisonian crisis,
5  cards
Endocrine OSCEs
Role of cortisol,
Where does cortisol come from,
Cortisol regulation through the day
16  cards
Gastro - OSCE - Liver
How do you do an ascitic tap,
Tests to do with ascites,
Sbp diagnosis on ascites
27  cards
Gastro - ALF
What is acute liver failure,
What are the causes of acute live...,
What is the mechanism of paraceta...
4  cards
Gastro - ALF
Define acute liver failure,
How is alf classified,
Causes of alf
14  cards
Gastro - Viva - Acute Liver Failure / Paracetamol
Definition of acute liver failure,
Describe the o grady system,
Causes of alf
22  cards
Gastro/Hep OSCE
Hepatic failure,
Alcoholic hep
10  cards
Gastro - Diarrhoea
Define diarrhoea,
Incidence of diarrhoea in icu,
14  cards
Causes of acute liver failure,
Causes of chronic liver failure,
Defining trial of alf
93  cards
Gastro - IBD
How do ulcerative colitis and cro...,
What are the extra intestinal man...,
What factors impact on mortality ...
8  cards
Gastro - Liver
Defining feature of acute liver f...,
Defining features of chronic live...,
Timing of acute liver failure
44  cards
Gastro - Viva - Chronic Liver Disease
Causes of chronic liver disease,
Scoring systems in the prognostic...,
Waht is the child pugh score
38  cards
Gastro - CLD
Causes of cirrhosis,
Scoring systems of chronic liver ...,
Features of the child score
20  cards
Gen - Causes And Lists - 22-33
Define copd,
Grade the severity of copd,
How is copd diagnosed
46  cards
Gen - OSCE Facts / Questions
Causes of hyperthermia,
Hyperthermia effects on the cvs,
Features of serotonin syndrome
112  cards
Gen - Classifications, Definitions 12 -
Classifying an aortic dissection,
Risk factors for dissection,
Complications of a dissection
72  cards
Gen - Scoring Systems
Features of apache ii,
Markers of severe organ system in...,
Total points on apache ii
36  cards
Gen - miscellaneous facts
Where in the oesophagus is a temp...,
Which is faster a thermadot chemi...,
What does a pulmonary artery cath...
50  cards
Gen - Scoring Systems
Revised cardiac risk index lee an...,
Acute physiology age and chronic ...,
116  cards
Cam icu,
10  cards
Gen - Scoring Systems
What type of scoring systems are ...,
What are the features of an ideal...,
What are scoring systems used for
6  cards
Gen - Graphs to Draw
Lung volumes,
West zones,
Oxygen cascade
51  cards
Gen - Definitions
Absolute humidity,
193  cards
Gen - Causes, Lists And Definitions 1-11
Outcome scores for aaa,
Complications of a aaa repair,
When to electively operate aaa
66  cards
Haem - Viva - Transfusion
What is patient blood management,
Why is peri op anaemia bad,
Patient blood management pillars
26  cards
Haem Cancers
Why do haem cancer pts end up in icu,
Define neutropenia neutropenic se...,
Precautions in neutropenic patien...
16  cards
Haem - VTE
Why does venous thromboembolic di...,
Tell me about the pathophysiology...,
What are the risk factors for vte
15  cards
Haem - Sickle Cell
Pathophys of sickle cell genetics,
Pathology of sickle cel,
Sao2 and pao2 of sickling
15  cards
Blood transfusion osce
1  cards
Haem - DIC
What is dic,
Triggers for dic,
Pathology of dic
7  cards
Haem - Misc Haem
What is thalassaemia,
Normal globin chains and how they...,
Considerations for thallasaemia
12  cards
What is the triad of hus,
Types of hus,
Causes of typical hus
24  cards
Haem - Viva - Haem Malignancies
Why might you admit a haem cancer...,
Give some causes of critical illn...,
Define neutropenia and neutropeni...
18  cards
ICM - Acid Base
Acid definition,
Base def,
Strong acid
39  cards
ICM - Viva - Nutrition
What of patients are malnourished...,
Problems with malnutrition in icu,
How to assess nutritional status ...
41  cards
ICM - Viva - Plasmapheresis
What is the difference between pl...,
Processes involved in pheresis,
Describe centrifugation
9  cards
ICM - Viva - Weaning from Ventilation
What is weaning,
What common conditions or situati...,
Resp factors
10  cards
ICM - OSCE - Equipment - Transfer
Considerations for transfer,
What are the oxygen requirements ...,
Cylinder sizes
3  cards
ICM - Viva - Phosphate
Is phosphate a cation or anion,
How much of total body weight is ...,
Intracellular or extracelluar
22  cards
ICM - Electrolytes
What is the normal range of sodiu...,
What is hyponatraemia and how can...,
How would you determine the cause...
7  cards
ICM - Colloids
What is a colloid,
What colloids are you aware of wh...,
What is albumin
10  cards
ICM - Lactate
Definition of hyperlactataemia,
What two things are lactate made ...,
What is the intermediate substrat...
10  cards
ICM - Nutrition
Which patients may need nutrition...,
Which patients are at risk of ref...,
What are the basic daily nutritio...
21  cards
ICM - Nutrition
What was the epanic trial and wha...,
What was the ticacos study and wh...,
What was the calories trial and w...
29  cards
ICM - Acid-Base Disorders
What are the causes of normal ani...,
What are the causes of high anion...,
How do you calculate anion gap
10  cards
ICM - Colloids
Define colloid,
Classift colloids,
Describe gelatins and adv disad
12  cards
ICM - Equipment OSCE
Arterial line pressure transducer,
5  cards
ICM - OSCE - Equipment
Capnography wave form,
Which is higher arterial co2 or e...,
Wavelength of co2 monitoring
23  cards
ICM - Equipment
Pulse oximetry rcoa old book,
Defibrillator mendonca,
Capnography mendonca past q
51  cards
ICM - CO monitoring
What forms of cardiac output moni...,
What are the principles of pulse ...,
What is stroke volume and what is...
13  cards
ICM - Oxygen delivery devices
What components are involved in h...,
What are the benefits of high flo...,
What is dead space
5  cards
ICM - Calcium
Normal serum ca,
Total body calcium,
Average daily calcium need
22  cards
ICM - Airway
Describe your approach to the dif...,
What is a difficult airway,
What are some the risk factors fo...
7  cards
ICM - Care of the beating Donor
Pathophysiological changes in bsd,
Cardiovascular goals in bsd,
Cvs management goals
9  cards
ICM - Death
Diagnosis of death,
Modes of dying,
Describe somatic death
9  cards
ICM - Donation after Circulatory Collapse
Ethical principles of dcd prior t...,
Process of controlled organ donation,
Define functional warm ischaemia
7  cards
ICM - Diagnosing Death
What is death,
How is death diagnosed,
What are the preconditions for br...
9  cards
What is the role of the coroner,
Which deaths need to be reported ...,
What will the coroner coroners of...
21  cards
ICM - Professional OSCE
Critical incident reporting,
Failed discharge,
Refusal of treatment
4  cards
Definition of icu aw,
How it is divdided,
Risk factors
13  cards
ICM Viva - Rehab
Imporance of rehab,
Why do we need rehab,
Outline the ongoing rehab issues
9  cards
ICM - Critical Incidents
What is a patient safety incident,
Why are critically ill patients a...,
Stages of delivering a medication
11  cards
ICM - Resources
What is rationing in healthcare w...,
What types of healthcare rationin...,
Who should be admitted to critica...
4  cards
ICM - Viva - Critical Incident
What is a patient safety incident,
Why are icu patients at risk of s...,
Stages of getting a medication wh...
14  cards
ICM - Major Incident
What is a major incident,
How are major incidents classified,
What is the command and control f...
6  cards
ICM - Research
What is evidence based medicine,
How can the quality of clinical e...,
What is the grade methodology
4  cards
ICM - Eyes
What are the main injuries to the...,
What is eye chemosis what are the...
2  cards
ICM - Fire
Components for a fire,
How to minimuse risk with the set...,
How to prevent fire in icu
10  cards
ICM - Viva - Fire in the ICU
Components of fire,
How should a gas cylinder be set ...,
How to prevent fire in the itu
6  cards
ICM - Ethics
What is deprivation of liberty dols,
How does dols apply to icu,
How would you approach a situatio...
21  cards
ID - Viva - Fungal Infections
Why are fungal infections importa...,
What is an invasive fungal infection,
Name some important fungal pathog...
29  cards
ID - Fungal Infections
The difference between yeasts and...,
Types of invasive fungal infections,
Treatment options for fungal disease
29  cards
ID - Fungal Infections
Why is fungal infection important...,
What is an invasive fungal infection,
Important icu fungal pathogens
19  cards
ID - Fungal Infections
Why is fungal infection important...,
What do we mean by the term invas...,
Which fungal pathogens are import...
11  cards
ID - Infection/Micro OSCE
Antimicrobial resistance,
Necrotising fasciitis,
Pvl staph
15  cards
ID - Viva - Malaria
Cause of malaria,
Types of malaria
10  cards
ID - Hospital Acquired Infections
Define nosocomial infection,
Why is nosocomial infection parti...,
When would you treat bacteriuria ...
18  cards
ID - Abx Resistance
What mechanisms confer antibiotic...,
How do bacteria acquire resistanc...,
Why is antibiotic resistance a pr...
5  cards
ID - Antibiotic Resistance
Mechanisms by which abx work,
How do abx work,
Examples of bacteriostatic drugs
22  cards
ID - Malaria
What causes malaria,
How is malaria spread,
What are the different species of...
6  cards
ID- OSCE - Equipment - VRE
What is vre,
What infections can vre cause,
Management of a new vre
9  cards
What is hiv,
How is hiv classified,
How do patients with hiv present ...
8  cards
ID - Tetanus
Causative organism,
Two main catergories of features,
What is ctetani
11  cards
ID - Botulism
Causative organism,
How does it cause effect,
Risk factors for bolutism
10  cards
ID - Sepsis
Define sepsis,
What host defence mechanisms exis...,
What is the pathophysiology of se...
14  cards
What is hiv,
What is aids,
Classify hiv
19  cards
Why do patients get infections,
Name some biomarkers of infection,
Why dont they respond to tx
27  cards
ID - Lepto
How does leptospirosis present,
What are your differentials of so...,
What is the recommended managemen...
4  cards
What is a coronavirus,
What variants of coronavirus can ...,
How does the coronavirus 19 sars ...
5  cards
ID - Abx
What factors do you consider when...,
Why might antibiotic therapy fail,
How do beta lactams work
22  cards
Differentials of fever signs of s...,
What clinical signs would differe...,
Management features of ebola mala...
14  cards
Immuno - Anaphylaxis
Classify hypersensitivity reactions,
Describe type 1 reactions,
Type 2 reactions
13  cards
Immuno - Anaphylaxis
How are hypersensitivity reaction...,
What is anaphylaxis,
What are the signs and symptoms o...
6  cards
Neuro - OSCE - Delerium
Scoring systems to assess confusi...,
How to do rass,
Features of cam icu
8  cards
Neuro - ICH
What is an intracerebral haemorrhage,
What are the causes of intracereb...,
How should blood pressure be mana...
6  cards
Neuro - Disorders of Conciousness
What are the main disorders of co...,
What are the causes of disordered...,
How can you prognosticate after d...
3  cards
Neuro - Sedation / Delirium
Mechanism of pris,
Features of pris,
Risk factors for pris
53  cards
Neuro - Viva - Guillian Barre
What is gbs,
How does gbs present,
Diagnosis of weakness in general
16  cards
Neuro - Malignant MCA Syndrome
What is the time window for throm...,
What is the thrombolysis dose in ...,
What is the management of maligna...
3  cards
Neuro - Delerium
What is delirium,
How can delirium be classified,
What are the risk factors for icu...
7  cards
Neuro - Spinal Cord Injury
How is spinal cord injury classified,
What spinal cord syndromes are yo...,
What is neurogenic shock
7  cards
Neuro - GBS
What is gbs,
What illnesses predipose,
How does it present
15  cards
Neuro - Encephalitis
Define encephalitis,
How do encephalitis present,
Causes of encephalitis
15  cards
Neuro - TBI
How can traumatic brain injury be...,
What is the pathophysiology of pr...,
What is the pathophysiology of se...
9  cards
Neuro - Disorders of Conciousness
What are the main types of disord...,
Describe coma,
Describe vegetative state
10  cards
Neuro - CVA
Classify acute ischaemic strokes,
Clinical features by territory an...,
Clinical feature by territory mca
22  cards
Why sedate,
Adverse effects of sedation,
Benefit of a sedation hold
55  cards
Neurology OSCE
Plasmapheresis and plex,
Ct heads
11  cards
Neuro - Delerium
Define delirium,
Dsm criteria,
Icd 10 criteria
13  cards
Neuro - Encephalitis
What is encephalitis,
How does encephalitis present,
Which viruses cause encephalitis
14  cards
Neuro - Brain Stem Death
Define death,
Define brain death,
What are the essential components...
14  cards
Neuro - SAH
Why is subarachnoid haemorrhage i...,
What are the causes of subarachno...,
What are the risk factors for sah
13  cards
Neuro - Viva - Ischaemic Stroke
Screening tools for stroke,
Stroke territory features,
Classification of stroke is called
29  cards
Obstetrics - Pregnancy
Percentage of pregnancies with ca...,
Types of cardiac disease that cau...,
Are patients who die in pregnancy...
23  cards
Obstetrics - Amniotic Fluid Embolus
Define afe,
Incidence of afe,
Pathophysiology of afe
7  cards
Obstetrics - Amniotic Fluid Embolism
What is amniotic fluid embolism,
What is the incidence of afe,
What are the pathogenic mechanism...
7  cards
Obstetrics - Pre-Eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome
Can you define pre eclampsia,
What is the pathophysiology,
How does pre eclampsia present
8  cards
Obstetric OSCE
Amniotic fluid embolism
1  cards
What percentage of critical care ...,
What is the commonest cause of pr...,
Where is it appropriate to care f...
19  cards
How can you diagnose dka in children,
What are the different severities...,
How would you manage a child with...
14  cards
Pharm - Vasopressin
What is vasopressin and what are ...,
What uses does vasopressin have i...,
What can you tell me about diabet...
5  cards
Pharm - Antibiotics
What factors influence choice of ...,
How do antibiotics work,
By what mechanisms do antibiotics...
5  cards
Pharm - Sedation
What is remifentanil,
Why might remifentanyl be used on...,
What is context sensitive half ti...
12  cards
Pharm - Anticoagulation
Can you tell me about novel antic...,
Describe the coagulation pathways,
How does warfarin work
5  cards
Pharm - Pharmacokinetics
What is the difference between ph...,
What are the processes that influ...,
Describe how absorption effects d...
16  cards
Pharm - Viva - Sedation
What is remi,
Remi side effects,
What receptor does remi act on
17  cards
Renal Facts
R in rifle criteria,
Define stage 1 aki,
Stage 2 aki
18  cards
Renal - Rhabdo
What is rhabdomyolysis,
What are the causes of rhabdomyol...,
What is the pathophysiology of rh...
12  cards
Kdigo stage 1,
Kdigo 2,
Kdigo 3
48  cards
Renal - AKI
Which system classifies aki,
Classify aki,
Definition of a contrast induced ...
21  cards
Renal OSCE
Citrate anticoag
2  cards
Renal - OSCE - Equipment - HF
What is ultrafiltration,
What is convection,
Define hf
16  cards
Renal - HUS/TTP
What is hus,
Cuases of hus,
Pathophysiology of hus
9  cards
Renal - HUS/ITP
What is haemolytic uraemic syndro...,
What are the causes of hus,
What is the pathophysiology of hus
9  cards
Minimum staffing needs to do a pe...,
Cuff pressure in a perc trachy,
Berlin criteria for ards
39  cards
Resp - Viva - Asthma
Define asthma,
Presentation of asthma,
Pathophysiology of asthma
15  cards
Resp - Asthma
Define asthma,
Define moderate acute
15  cards
Resp - Gas Embolism
What is vascular air gas embolism,
What is an arterial gas embolism,
What is a venous gas embolus
10  cards
Resp - ARDS
Berlin definision of ards,
What as the problem with former d...,
Oygenation criteria for ards
24  cards
Resp - ARDS
What is ards,
What is the murray score,
What is the pathophysiology of ards
4  cards
Resp - COPD
Define copd,
Describe briefly the pathophysiol...,
Classifcation of copd
12  cards
Resp - Asthma
What is asthma,
What is the pathophysiology of as...,
How can you assess the severity o...
6  cards
Resp - Bronchopleural Fistula
Define an air leak,
Classift air leaks,
What is a bpf
13  cards
Resp - Viva-BPF
What is a bpf,
How does a bpf manifest,
How does the size of a bpf matter
13  cards
Resp - Pulmonary HTN
What are the causes of pulmonary ...,
What is pulmonary hypertension,
How would you manage a patient wi...
8  cards
Resp - Viva - Influenza
Describe the flu virus,
What does the h1n1 nomenclature mean,
What is antigenic drift
20  cards
Ards definition,
Lung protective ventilation,
Ards management strategies
19  cards
Resp - Equipment
Can you outline some indications ...,
Describe broncho alveolar lavage,
What are the main risks associate...
51  cards
Po2 of inspired gas,
Eqns of pao2 in trachea,
Alveloar gas eqn
89  cards
Resp - ILD
What are the common causes of int...,
How is idiopathic pulmonary fibro...,
What treatment options are availa...
5  cards
Resp - PE
What are some of the absolute ci ...,
What are some of the relative ci ...,
What are some of the advantages o...
13  cards
Resp - Ventilation
How can non invasive ventilation ...,
In what situations may non invasi...,
Where is niv contraindicated
23  cards
Resp - Pleural Effusion
What are the causes of pleural ef...,
What would you send a sample of p...,
What are light s criteria
3  cards
What are somereasons patients wit...,
Why are rheumatological condition...,
What is macrophage activation syn...
10  cards
Surg - Viva - Nec Fasc
What is necrotising fasciitis,
How is it different from cellulitis,
Describe the pathophysiology
13  cards
Surg - Pancreatitis
Atlanta classification,
In the altanta classification by ...,
Describe the amylase rise in panc...
24  cards
Surg - Pancreatitis
What is the glasgow score for pan...,
What is the atlanta classificatio...
2  cards
Surg - Viva - Pseudo obstruction and ileus
What is ileus,
What is pseudo obstruction,
Features of ileus
9  cards
Incidence of an emergency laparotomy,
30 day mortality of a laparotomy ...,
30 day mortality of a laparotomy ...
80  cards
Surg - Nec fasc
What is necrotising fasciitis,
What different types of necrotisi...,
How does necrotising fasciitis pr...
9  cards
Surg - Abdominal Compartment Syndrome
Normal iap,
Define abdominal perfusion pressure,
Define intra abdominal hypertension
21  cards
Surg - Viva - Abdominal Compartment Syndrome
Normal intra abdominal pressure,
What is intra abdominal hypertens...,
Risk factors of iah and acs
16  cards
Surg - Intra-abdominal Compartment Syndrome
What is normal intra abdominal pr...,
What is intra abdominal compartme...,
What are the risk factors causes ...
6  cards
Surg - Aortic Dissection
What is aortic dissection,
How is aortic dissection classified,
What are the risk factors for aor...
8  cards
Surg - Aortic Dissection
Classify dissections,
Describe the stanford,
Describe debakey
9  cards
Surg - High Risk Surgical
Factors associated with peri op risk,
Scoring systems
5  cards
Surg - AAA
Mortality of aaa,
Risk factors for aaa,
Aaa presentation
19  cards
Abdo compartment syndrome normal ...,
Open abdo,
3  cards
Surg - Viva - AAA
Mortality and morbidity of a aaa,
Risk factors for aaa,
Presentation of a aaa
13  cards
Tox - OSCE - Poisoning
What is the anion gap and what is...,
How does albumin alter the anion gap,
Causes of a high anion gap metabo...
12  cards
Tox - Viva - LA Toxicity
Maximum doses of la,
List in order with most vascular ...,
Factors affecting la toxicity
10  cards
Tox - Hyperthermia
Cvs effects of hyperthermia,
Metabolic effects of hyperthermia,
Immune effects of hyperthermia
12  cards
What are the features of antichol...,
Which drugs can be dialysed,
What are the features of those mo...
7  cards
Tox/Pharm OSCSE
Hyperthermia causes,
12  cards
Approach to overdose toxic syndromes,
Investigations in poisoning,
Ways to limit absorption force el...
21  cards
Trauma - OSCEs
Complications of a displaced tibi...,
Assess a peroneal nerve injury,
Features of compartment syndrome
14  cards
Commonest groups for non trauma s...,
Distribution of pathology along t...,
What proportion of non traumatic ...
22  cards
What is the immediate management ...,
How do you classify haemorrhagic ...,
What scoring systems can you use ...
14  cards
Trauma - Drowning
Define drowning,
Classification of drowning,
Process of drownign
11  cards
Trauma - Drowning
Define drowning,
What are the pathophysiological c...,
What are the risk factors for dro...
11  cards
Trauma/Burns OSCE
Compartment syndrome,
4  cards
ICU - Random bits
What are the main causes of anaem...,
What is an over damped waveform,
What is an under damped a line wa...
4  cards

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