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Lecture 1: Nature of Drugs & Drug Development
Pharmacology definition,
Define medical pharmacology,
Define toxicology
92  cards
Lecture 2: Pharmacokinetics
In general what is a drug,
Epinephrine is an ___ in the heart,
Administration of epinephrine cau...
86  cards
Lecture 3: Pharmacodynamics Part 2
T f all receptors exhibit similar...,
There are __ primary classes of r...,
What are the 4 primary classes of...
80  cards
Lecture 4: Overview of Pharmacokinetics and Time Course of Drugs
The 4 key pharmacological processes,
Adme is able to significantly imp...,
If a drug is given by the oral ro...
161  cards
Lecture 5: Variations in Drug Responses in Special Populations
What are the characteristics of t...,
Changes in doses populations of d...,
What is pharmacogenetics
85  cards
Lecture 6: Autonomic and Somatic Nervous Systems
The nervous system is divided int...,
The peripheral nervous system is ...,
The autonomic nervous system is d...
89  cards
Lecture 7: Cholinergic Agonists
In neuronal nicotinic receptors _...,
The adrenal gland expresses ____ ...,
T f due to widespread of nicotini...
39  cards
Lecture 8: ANS Neuromuscular Blockers
Each somatic neuron of the neurom...,
Nm ach receptors are a specific n...,
Activation of nm ach receptors ca...
29  cards
Lecture 9: Anticholinergic Agents
What is the primary nt of the par...,
What are the target tissue recept...,
Which muscarinic receptors are mo...
44  cards
Chapter 10: Adrenergic Agents
Modulation of the sympathetic ner...,
T f alpa ardrenergic receptors ha...,
Where are a1 receptors located
90  cards
Chapter 11: Introduction to CNS pharmacology
The cns is made of a network of _...,
Neurons send signals to each othe...,
The actions of neurons are energy...
65  cards
Chapter 12: CNS Depressant Drugs
What type of receptors are gaba a...,
When gaba binds to gaba a recepto...,
When cl hyper polarizes the cell ...
113  cards
Chapter 13: Antiseizure Drugs
Seizures are caused by ___ in the...,
___ is the primary excitatory nt ...,
___ is the primary inhibitory nt ...
59  cards
Chapter 14: Parkinson's Disease
The initiation and termination of...,
Many movement disorders have been...,
The basic circuitry of the basal ...
92  cards
Chapter 15: Schizophrenia and Bipolar Affective Disorder
What are the 2 categories of anti...,
Mania or a manic episode is chara...,
As mania persists it may develop ...
94  cards
Chapter 16: Antidepressant Drugs
Depression is a complex ___ of co...,
T f non harm treatments for depre...,
___depressive disorder is the pri...
70  cards
Chapter 17: Drugs of Abuse
What causes tolerance decreased r...,
Physiological dependence is chara...,
Why cant beta blockers be abruptl...
70  cards
Chapter 18: NSAIDs and Acetaminophen
What is pain,
T f pain is a protective response...,
Thermal stimuli are sensed by ___...
123  cards
Chapter 19: Drugs for Headaches
Diagnosis of primary headache dis...,
What are symptoms of a tension he...,
Tension headaches are often cause...
68  cards
Chapter 20: Opioid Analgesics
Opioids act at several points thr...,
T f opioids have been used as ana...,
What is an example of a naturally...
85  cards
Chapter 21: Local Anesthetics
Local anesthetics work by blockin...,
Voltage gated na channels open wh...,
T f when the inactivation gate of...
47  cards
Chapter 22: Cannabinoids
Cannabis sativa is an ____ heb,
Cannabis sativa is sexually dimor...,
When was cannabis legalized in ca...
76  cards
Part 1: Antimicrobial Agents
What is the overall goal of antim...,
Most infectious microorganisms ar...,
What is the benefit of most micro...
88  cards
Part 2: Antimicrobials (Cell wall inhibitors)
Why is the peptidoglycan layer on...,
Penicillins and cephalosporins ar...,
Vancomycin is a ___ type antibiotic
80  cards
Part 3: Antimicrobial Inhibitors of Bacterial Protein Synthesis
Bacteria have ____ ribosomal subu...,
What are the 3 main classes of pr...,
T f protein synthesis inhibitors ...
88  cards
Part 4: DNA/RNA Synthesis Inhibitors
How is metronidazole activated,
Why is metronidazole only active ...,
Metronidazole has active ___ meta...
47  cards
Part 5: Antifungal Agents
T f fungal cells are more structu...,
T f there are fewer drugable targ...,
What is a unique part of the fung...
38  cards
Part 6: Antiviral agents
Viruses use host cell ____ and __...,
Many viruses are catergorized int...,
Herpes simplex virus and varicell...
88  cards
Part 7: Cancer Treatments 1
Define cancer,
Loss of ___ allows tumors to grow...,
What are some cancer risks we can...
111  cards
Part 8: Cancer Treatment 2
What 4 new things have newer anti...,
What are survival proteins,
How can hormone supression help s...
56  cards
Part 9: Immunopharmacology Overview
What is the role of the immune sy...,
The 2 branches of the immune system,
Which immune system is the first ...
45  cards
Part 10: Corticosteroids and immunosuppressants
T f very extensive near complete ...,
What are corticosteroids,
What bodily signals cause cortico...
95  cards
Part 11: Rheumatoid Arthritis
What is rheumatoid arthritis,
What is the goal of ra treatment,
Inflammation in the joint spaces ...
38  cards
Part 12: Asthma and COPD
____ cells of the respiratory tra...,
Epithelial cells secrete ____ tha...,
Resident ____ cells in the airway...
61  cards
Part 13: Allergies
Type 1 hypersensitivity reactions...,
Type 1 hypersensitivity rxns invo...,
What are the 2 phases of ige medi...
66  cards
Part 14: GI Pharmacology
The ____ nervous system can modul...,
In addition to influences from th...,
The ____ nervous system regulates...
142  cards
Part 15: Endocrine & Adrenal Steroids
Most endocrine organs are regulat...,
When the hypothalamus receives in...,
In most cases hormonal responses ...
62  cards
Part 16: Thyroid Disorders
Thyroid hormones are involved in ...,
Higher levels of thyroid hormones...,
T f thyroid hormones can be incre...
91  cards
Part 17: Gonadal Hormones
The gonadal hormones are also kno...,
T f sex hormones are involved in ...,
Lh and fsh are secreted by the __...
135  cards
Part 18: Diabetes
The regulation of insulin and glu...,
Under normal conditions there is ...,
Large secretions of insulin from ...
144  cards
Part 19: Calcium Homeostasis
The thyroid gland makes ___ which...,
Where are the parathyroid glands ...,
Are the parathyroid glands regula...
66  cards
Part 20: CV & Renal Overview
Cardiac output ____ x ___,
What is cardiac output,
What is stroke volume
40  cards
Part 21: Lipid Lowering Agents
Why can lipids and cholesterol le...,
The deposits of lipids and choles...,
Atherosclerosis is also called th...
80  cards
Part 22: Renal Function & BP Modulation
What is the normal blood pressure,
What is the target bp in patients...,
What is considered a dangerous bp...
85  cards
Part 23: Vasodilators
In vascular smooth muscle the int...,
During membrane depolarization of...,
Ca can also enter bv smooth muscl...
67  cards
Part 24: Beta-Blockers and Sympatholytics
At a cellular level cardiac contr...,
Ap are generated by the ____ node...,
Once an ap reaches the cardiac mu...
53  cards
Part 25: Heart Failure
At the most fundamental level wha...,
Reduced co that is seen in heart ...,
Why does reduced co in heart fail...
84  cards
Part 26: Arrhythmia's
At a fundamental level arrhythmia...,
What are some noticeable symptoms...,
Give 4 possible causes of arrhyth...
72  cards
Part 27: Hemostasis & Anticoagulants
What is hemostasis in a general s...,
Thombrosis is related to ____ exc...,
The immediate reaction of bv that...
133  cards

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