phr/sphr certification preparation

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Business Management and Strategy
What is the most effective method...,
The process of identifying risks ...,
What questions should be answered...
337  cards
An employee earning 22 500 per ye...,
Total cost of training is 40 000 ...
6  cards
Theories of Motivation (HR Development)
List levels of learning according...,
The printing press operator could...,
The operator would be able to run...
49  cards
PHR Vocabulary
18  cards
Risk Management
A global organization expects ext...,
In the context of organizational ...,
An organizational disaster recove...
252  cards
Employee and Labor Relations
Clayton act,
Payne v the western atlantic rail...,
Clause that states that even if w...
670  cards
Workforce Planning and Employment
Occurs when the selection for an ...,
Amendment to americans with disab...,
Practice in which employers make ...
327  cards
Human Resource Development
Act that prohibits discrimination...,
Five step instructional design pr...,
Act that prohibits discrimination...
634  cards
Compensation and Benefits
Act that determined that older wo...,
Practice where an un contracted m...,
Basic compensation an employee re...
426  cards
Legislations, Laws, and Agency Guidelines
Prohibits businesses in interstat...,
Provides a percentage of recovere...,
Exempts unions from the sherman a...
81  cards
Legal Cases
Case in which supreme court held ...,
The supreme court case where the ...,
Precedence case that recognized a...
60  cards
Abbreviations and Acronyms
36  cards

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phr/sphr certification preparation

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