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State the nine different forms of...,
What is an easy way of remebring ...,
State the law of the conservation...
119  cards
Wave Vocabularly
11  cards
Motion Graphs and Forces
What does the gradient represent ...,
What is the equation for speed,
What is the equation for the aver...
105  cards
Wave Properties
All waves transfer not,
Describe how your teacher produce...,
Longitudinal waves are produced w...
44  cards
Change of State
What are the three states of matter,
What is the arrangement of a solid,
What is the arrangement of a liquid
33  cards
Thermal Energy
What three ways can heat energy b...,
Describe the matchstick demo,
Describe the wood brass stick demo
69  cards
Static Electricity
Protons are positive negative,
Neutrons are positive negative,
Where are protons and neutrons fo...
50  cards
What does density measure,
What is the traingle for density,
What is the density of water
14  cards
What is pressure,
What is the equation for pressure,
What is a pascal
33  cards
What is current,
In which direction does current f...,
Can charges be positive and negat...
108  cards
Practical account writing
What do you need to include in a ...,
What do you need to include in eq...,
What do you need to include in me...
10  cards
What is centre of mass,
Talk about humans and centre of mass,
What is the equation for moments
40  cards
Domestic Electricity
What are two potential dangers of...,
What are hazards,
Label this diagram of a 3 pin plug
81  cards
Precise precision,
8  cards
Momentum is a quantity,
What is the equation for momentum,
Rearrange the equation for moment...
28  cards
Electromagnetic Spectrum
What is the electromagnetic spect...,
What is the electromagnetic spect...,
In the electromagnetic spectrum t...
37  cards
All magnets have a and,
The magnetic field flows from to,
What are ferro
32  cards
Sound waves are waves,
When are longitudinal waves produced,
What three things can sound waves be
64  cards
Define hookes law,
On a graph how do you know,
If a spring obeys hookes law does...
28  cards
Molecules and Ideal Gases
What is the motion of molecules i...,
What is absolute zero
50  cards
Combined Waves Topic Vocabulary
Angle of reflection,
Angle of incidence,
Angle of refraction
31  cards
What are,
The ionising,
What is radiation
98  cards
What type of waves are light waves,
What three things can light waves be,
What allows us to see most objects
42  cards
What is an electric current,
What is the relatonship between e...,
What does the direction of the ma...
34  cards

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