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Inner Environment
67  cards
Body Fluids
Ions make up of solutes,
Formula to calculate osmotic pres...,
Describe the reflection coefficient
109  cards
What are the physiological functi...,
Give the total buffer capacity fo...,
Give the total buffer capacity fo...
317  cards
What did edward jenner achieve,
What are the two pathways of remo...,
Summary of natural immunity
163  cards
Physiology of the Heart
List the transportation roles of ...,
Give the thermoregulatory roles o...,
Give the 3 major parts of the cir...
238  cards
Muscle Physiology
Name the three varieties of muscl...,
The contractile cells of muscle t...,
Other name for skeletal muscle
248  cards
Name the 3 parts of the circulation,
Location of resistance part of th...,
Location of the exchange area of ...
192  cards
Physiology of the Kidney
The function of the kidney is to ...,
How does the kidney control isohy...,
List the functions of the kidney
350  cards
Respiratory Physiology
Respiration controls,
What is the outer form of respira...,
Inner form of respiration
212  cards
Omnivore digestion is more simila...,
Give the types of herbivore,
Microbial digestion in monogastri...
675  cards
Energy Balance
Summarise catabolism anabolism,
113  cards
Thermoneutral zone,
Centre of thermoregulation,
Animals can be divided into which...
102  cards
659  cards
Nerve type,
Nerve type,
Autonomic nervous system
337  cards
Sensory organs
Increasing the amplitude of a sti...,
Give the classifications of recep...
173  cards
Midterm 8 figure analysis
16  cards
Endocrinology - Figure analysis
4 5 6,
38  cards
16  cards

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