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Enzymes and Catalysis
What are proteins,
Tertiary structure,
Quaternary structure
56  cards
The eukaryotic cell cycle & interphase
Cell division,
Why is duplication and cell divis...,
How often do cells divide
41  cards
Cell communication and signalling
Cell communication,
Cell signalling,
Examples of cell communication
51  cards
Sexual Reproduction and Meiosis
Somatic cells dip or hap,
How many cells are somatic in mul...,
Diploid cells
53  cards
Mendel - Genetic Inheritance
39  cards
Genetic Diseases - Genetic Inheritance
What is a genetic disease,
About genetic diseases,
Types of genetic disorders
25  cards
Automatic nervous system
Nervous system divided,
Order of nervous system responding,
Order of nervous system sensing
59  cards
Gene Regulation
Gene expression,
Which cell to be expressed,
Turn on genes when required
58  cards
1. Muscular contractions - NS
Cns recap,
Pns recap,
Different types of pns
60  cards
2. Muscular Contractions - NS
Events during a muscle twitch aft...,
A latent period,
B contraction
62  cards
Brain structure = NS
51  cards
Action Potensials
Nervous system is divided into 2 ...,
Functions of neurones
29  cards
Cardiovascular system I
Cardiovascular system overview,
3 main things that relate to cvs,
Blood function life sustaining tr...
39  cards
Cardiovascular system II
Erythropoiesis production of rbc ...,
Bone marrow blood,
Regulation of erythropoiesis
63  cards
Somatic sensory
Functional divisions of the nervo...,
Sensation is detected by receptors,
Receptor types type of stimuli th...
84  cards
Cardiovascular system III - blood vessel & heart
Artery carry from where and what ...,
74  cards
Cardiovascular system IV - cardiac cycle, sounds & rhythms
Stages of cardiac cycle
40  cards
Cardiovascular system V - Blood pressure & CVS disease continuum
Blood pressure,
What is blood pressure measured in,
What causes variation in blood pr...
80  cards
Endocrine system I - Hormones
Examples of neurontransmitters,
Examples of neuroendocrine,
Examples of endocrine
37  cards
Endocrine system II - Pituitary hormones
Pituitary gland,
Hypothalamus pituitary,
Anteriorhypothalamus pituitary
41  cards
The Integumentary System - Skin and Accessory Structures
Explain what is the integument an...,
What are the 5 functions of the i...,
The skin largest organ of the bod...
27  cards
Skeletal system
Major functions of the skeletal s...,
30  cards
The special senses
Sense organs are,
5 senses,
Eye vision is the dominant sense ...
46  cards
Endocrine system - Pituitary hormones & insulin III
What are the hormones of adrenal ...,
Aldosterone mineralocorticoid rec...,
Sodium secretion happens in the
35  cards
Immune System - Lymphatic system and the immune system
Immune system,
Immune system functions
31  cards
Immune and Adaptive Immune System I : Antigen Recognition
Immunity two systems,
Define innate immunity,
Adaptive immunity
62  cards
Plasma membrane: Composition & Functions
What is the role of plasma membrane,
In eukaryotic cells only,
Lipid bilayer explain structure
50  cards
Pharmacology, Drugs & Therapeutics
What is pharmacology,
What is the magic bullet,
What are the two integral branche...
37  cards
Introduction to Microbiology and bacterial structures
What is a microorganism,
List the major groups of microbes,
Microorganism diversity flow diag...
63  cards
Bacterial Population Growth
Bacterial cell cycle division,
Step by step cell division,
What s the purpose of cell division
60  cards
Pharmacology and Agonists
34  cards
Endospores and Control of microbial growth
What are endospores,
What are the environmental condit...,
Resistance of endospores and peri...
41  cards
Microbe-host interactions: Microbiota and pathogens
What are symbolic reletionships,
Name the 3 types of symbiotic rel...,
1 bacteria host interactions mutu...
43  cards
What is antagonism,
1 receptor antagonism,
Do antagonists have efficacy
22  cards
Yeasts and Moulds
Mycology study of,
Fungi group,
Fungi distrubution edible
35  cards
Virus structure, viral replication cycle & prions
What are the general characterist...,
Viruses are not bacteria
38  cards
Viral infections, oncoviruses & antiviral chemotherapy
Dynamics of viral infectionsto ca...,
Viral pathogenesis the process of...,
Acute viral infections short term
34  cards
Protozoan microorganisms
Define parasite,
Endoparasites vs ectoparasites
38  cards
Pharmacology - Catalytic & Nuclear Receptors
What are catalytic receptors made...,
What does dimerisation lead to,
Define dimerisation in receptor
23  cards
Pharmacology - Ion Channels
Most abundant cations,
Most a,
What are the key features and pro...
27  cards
Drug Targets - G-protein coupled receptors (GPCR)
G protein coupled receptor gpcr,
Where is receptor located,
G proteins is coupled to ______
18  cards
Renal system 1 & 2
Name the key features of the uran...,
Main function of kidney,
How much weight is the kidneys in...
63  cards
Urinary system 3
Urine elaborated in the nephrons ...,
Urine is conveyed by the ureters ...,
Urine is stored in the bladder be...
23  cards
Reproductive System 2 - Introduction to Reproductive Hormones
The endocrine system,
What are hormones,
The major endocrine glands are
26  cards
Reproductive System 1 - Reproductive systems and gametogenesis
Reproductive system,
Male reproductive system overview,
Testes anatomy
22  cards
Reproductive system 3 - Regulation by Reproductive hormones
What is the regulation of reprodu...,
What does the female reproductive...,
What are the 4 stages of the fema...
15  cards
Pharmacokinetics 2
The larger the therapeutic range,
For drugs reaching target via blo...,
First order kinetics
20  cards
Pharmacokinetics 5
Drug action targets,
Routes of administration examples,
The drug hits the site of absorpt...
13  cards
Pharmacokinetics 3 (Elimination)
Drug needs to be _____ polar to b...,
Gi tract draining all of absorbin...,
What is the advantage of
37  cards
Respiratory system 2 + 3
Air flow and pressure changes,
End of expiration,
77  cards
Asthma symptoms,
Asthma phases,
Asthma inflammation leads to
9  cards
Cellular & Molecular Bioscience - Nutrition. macro-nutrients
What are the 6 nutrient classes
48  cards
Cellular & Molecular Bioscience- Micronutrients - Vitamins
Macro nutrient principal componen...
54  cards

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