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Localised weather is easier or ha...,
Match the reliability1 internatio...,
What is a metar
4  cards
The Atmosphere
Most weather occurs in which laye...,
What layer is immediately above t...,
The layer of atmosphere in which ...
27  cards
Motion of the Atmosphere
What is insolation,
The main source of heat energy in...,
What is heat radiation
34  cards
What are winds caused by,
In the nhcoriolis force turns the...,
Winds circulate ____ around high ...
53  cards
Density, Pressure & Temperature
Which gas law is defined below at...,
Which gas law is defined below th...,
Which gas law is defined below th...
37  cards
Humidity & Stability
The term that defines different c...,
The measure of how much water con...,
If there is more water vapour per...
28  cards
What are the 2 main cloud types,
What are the prefix name types of...,
What does nimbo mean
28  cards
What is precipitation,
What is the usual cloud thickness...,
What type of cloud generally has ...
16  cards
What are the 2 definitions of vis...,
Haze is typically associated with...,
In haze the visible horizon is cl...
32  cards
Low Pressure System
In the nh which way does win flow...,
In a low pressure system air is u...,
Which front moves faster cold or ...
29  cards
High Pressure System
What is a high pressure system ca...,
What direction does wind flow in ...,
What causes a high pressure system
9  cards
What are 4 effects of icing,
What are 4 risks of icing,
Worst icing occurs in what temper...
31  cards
What 3 conditions are required fo...,
What temperatures are required fo...,
What temperatures are required fo...
30  cards
Mountain Flying
What type of cloud is cg,
What 2 conditions exist for mount...,
Air flow over a mountain is likel...
18  cards
What are the characteristicstropi...,
What are the characteristicstropi...,
What are the characteristicspolar...
22  cards
Weather Reports & Forecasts
Official source of weather in uk,
What is the chance of weather bei...,
What are 6 details in particular ...
53  cards
Planning & Interpretation
As a minimum when planning a rout...,
In addition to the minimums good ...
2  cards

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