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Preventive Pediatrics
Einc steps,
Einc step 1
427  cards
Clinical Practice Guidelines - CPG Development
Criteria for screening or diagnos...,
Screening or diagnostic tests lev...,
Screening or diagnostic tests lev...
16  cards
Clinical Practice Guidelines - Chronic Cough
Acute cough,
Chronic cough,
_____ should be done before any t...
112  cards
Clinical Practice Guidelines - PCAP
Predictors of pcap 3 mos 5 yrs,
Predictors of pcap 5 12 yrs,
Predictors of pcap 12 yrs
135  cards
Clinical Practice Guidelines - Simple Febrile Seizure
Criteria for simple febrile seizure,
Criteria for complex febrile seizure,
A lumbar tap should be done for c...
17  cards
Clinical Practice Guidelines - Eye Examination
Most common presenting signs of r...,
Most common intraocular tumor in ...,
Rb is often diagnosed before _____
18  cards
Clinical Practice Guidelines - UTI
Children _____ with t _____ can b...,
Uti symptoms in neonates,
Uti symptoms in infants
42  cards
TB in Infancy and Childhood
_____ causes tuberculosis in humans,
_____ are obligately aerobic non ...,
Mtb retains _____ dye when decolo...
399  cards
PPS Policy Statements
Bioactive components in breastmilk,
Failing to breastfeed in the firs...,
Bottle feeding was shown to incre...
263  cards
Ethics in Pediatric Care
The childs affirmative agreement ...,
_____ is defined as the impossibi...,
_____ are mechanisms that allow p...
6  cards
Growth, Development and Behavior
The neonatal period begins at bir...,
Mothers whose early childhood wee...,
Prenatal risk factors for attachment
296  cards
Learning Disorders
0  cards
Children with Special Needs
0  cards
0  cards
Pathophysiology of Body Fluids and Fluid Therapy
0  cards
Pediatric Emergencies
0  cards
0  cards
Genetic Disorders of Metabolism
0  cards
The Fetus and The Neonatal Infant
0  cards
Adolescent Medicine
0  cards
Allergy and the Immunologic Basis of Atopic Disease
0  cards
Rheumatic Diseases of Childhood
0  cards
Infectious Diseases
Criteria for fever of unknown ori...,
Fuo in neonates,
Fuo at 1 3 mos
1000  cards
The Digestive System
0  cards
Disorders of the Respiratory Tract
0  cards
The Cardiovascular System
0  cards
Diseases of the Blood
0  cards
Cancer and Benign Tumors
0  cards
0  cards
Urologic Disorders in Infants and Children
0  cards
Endocrine System
0  cards
The Nervous System
0  cards
Neuromuscular Disorders
0  cards
0  cards
0  cards
_____ is the most convincingly de...,
_____ are the most common precipi...,
The skin lesions in sjs are typic...
24  cards
_____ describes a deformity invol...,
_____ is a normal foot that has b...,
Clubfoot is extremely common in p...
92  cards
Environmental Hazards
The _____ is the gold standard fo...,
A bll of _____ is considered a le...,
The _____ of young children is th...
33  cards

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