private pilot ground

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SU unit 7 weather
Every physical process of weather...,
What causes variations in altimet...,
The wind at 5 000 feet agl
68  cards
Piper Warrior
Number of engines,
Engine manufacturer,
Engine model number
102  cards
Gleim Su 1
What is one purpose of wing flaps,
One of the main functions of flap...,
What is the purpose of the rudder...
48  cards
Su unit 8 Aviation Weather Service
When speaking to a flight service...,
To get a complete weather briefin...,
Which type weather briefing shoul...
56  cards
Gleim Su 5: Airplane Performance and Weight and Balance
What are the standard temperature...,
What effect if any does high humi...,
Which factor would tend to increa...
68  cards
Weather exam 2
Geosynchronous goes,
Geosynchronous goes part 2,
Polar orbiting poes
90  cards
Private Pilot I Final
Day vfr required equipment,
Night vfr,
Strobe lights
120  cards
SU 10 navigation Systems
Where can locations for vor test ...,
When the course deviation indicat...,
What should the airborne accuracy...
21  cards
Gleim Su 9 Navigation: Charts and Publications
Refer to figure 22 on page 287 re...,
Which statement about latitude an...,
Refer to figure 26 on page 289 re...
82  cards
SU 11 Cross-Country Flight Planning
Refer to figure 51 on page 429 if...,
Refer to figure 51 on page 429 wh...,
Refer to figure 51 on page 429 wh...
70  cards
SU 4: Federal Aviation Regulations
With respect to the certification...,
With respect to the certification...,
The definition of nighttime is
144  cards
SU 6 Holding and Instrument Approaches
What conditions are necessary bef...,
What are the main differences bet...,
A contact approach is an approach...
103  cards

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private pilot ground

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