psy1202 introduction to biological psychology

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Mri scanner,
What does bold stand for,
Bold signal
30  cards
Brain anatomy
Corpus callosum,
Grey matter,
White matter
31  cards
Effects of brain damage and stimulation as a window into the mind
The problem of causality,
Non essential activations,
Determining causality
42  cards
Electrophysiological recordings of brain activity
Micro electrode recordings overview,
Eeg erp,
28  cards
Where are neurons co located,
How are neurons organised by the ns,
68  cards
Learning, memory and plasticity
Neural plasticity,
What is learning,
What is memory
42  cards
Synaptic sequence,
The role of ca2 in synaptic trans...,
Synaptic transmission
33  cards
The cognitive neuroscience of addiction
What is addiction,
Reasons to take alcohol,
45  cards
Motor control
Spinal cord,
Subcortical motor structures
40  cards
Senses 1
What are sense organs,
Mechanical modalities,
Visual modalities
48  cards
Senses 2: Visual pathways
Visual processing,
What is vision,
Evolution of vertebrate eyes
45  cards
Senses 3: Visual perception
How do we see,
Complex structure of vertebrate r...,
Functional classes of cells in th...
45  cards
Senses 4: Colour vision and hearing
What is the m pathway magnocellular,
What is the p pathway parvocellular,
What does white sun do to objects
57  cards
Hormone structure and action
Forms of chem communication,
Autocrine comm,
Neurocrine synaptic comm
45  cards
Hormones and behaviour
How do hormones influence behaviour,
The pineal gland,
What is melatonin
33  cards
What is stress,
What is a stressor,
What neuroendocrine protection sy...
34  cards
Tutorial Qs
What are the tallest peaks on eeg...,
What are the smaller peaks on eeg...,
This is a different way to plot s...
12  cards
Genes and behaviour
What do genes produce,
How can genes influence behav thr...,
What do expressed behaviours depe...
44  cards
Non-genetic inheritance
Non genetic inheritance,
Vertical transmission,
Horizontal transmission
34  cards
Hormones, morphometrics and behaviour - practical 3
2d 4d ratio,
Whats the mechanism behind 2d 4d ...,
Sex differences in the 2d 4d ratio
17  cards
Practical 2
What do taste receptors signal,
The nose,
Example of sulfur compounds
20  cards
Sex differences
Types of hormone action,
Organisation effects,
Activational effects
35  cards
Tutorial 3
What effect does increasing the r...,
What effect does blinking have on...,
What problems do increasing rewar...
18  cards

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psy1202 introduction to biological psychology

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