psyc230: lifespan development, health & wellbeing

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Week 1: Introduction to Lifespan Theories of Health and Wellbeing
How do we test our assumptions,
What is lifespan development,
What is the lifespan perspective
54  cards
Week 2-Long term conditions and wellbeing
What is a long term condition lam...,
What is a long term condition guy...,
Prisms project what are the 14 di...
27  cards
Week 3-Culture, Health & Wellbeing
Define cross cultural psychology ...,
Define non communicable diseases ...,
What are some lifestyle choices t...
46  cards
Week 4-Educational Transitions
What did cheng et al 2015 say abo...,
What are educational transitions ...,
What is bronfenbrenner s ecologic...
51  cards
Week 5
0  cards
Week 6-Menstruation Matters
Define menstrual cycle,
Define period menses menstruation,
Define menarche
51  cards
Week 7-Perinatal health and wellbeing
Define perinatal,
What is perinatal psychology,
Why is perinatal psychology impor...
56  cards
Week 8
0  cards
Week 9-Ageing and Mental Health
What really constitutes old age,
What are two stereotypical images...,
True or false older people are a ...
23  cards
Week 10-Creating places of wellbeing
What does feeling good and functi...,
What is the hedonic approach to w...,
What is the eudaimonic approach t...
15  cards
Week 11
0  cards
Week 12
0  cards
Week 2 RF-Quality of life for people living with and beyond cancer
What is cancer,
What is the prevalence of cancer,
What is the lifetime risk for cancer
20  cards
Week 3 RF-How do we meaningfully conduct health research cross culturally?
Cultural sensitivity involves wha...,
What are the three types of cross...,
What is psychological method vali...
15  cards
Week 4 RF-Effective learning strategies for students
Why develop a new measure,
Give examples of difficult mslq q...,
What was the process in dsml deve...
12  cards
Week 5 RF
0  cards
Week 6 RF
0  cards
Week 7 RF
0  cards
Week 8 RF
0  cards
Week 9 RF
0  cards
Week 10 RF-Homelessness
1  cards

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psyc230: lifespan development, health & wellbeing

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